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How to become an eSportsman: 10 steps to success


Dmitry "Craft" Murr

  • Vladimir “No [o] ne” Minenko is a G2A player in Dota 2, two-time champion of The Summit, winner of ESL One New York 2015, silver medalist of The Kiev Major. 18 years.
  • Ivan “Paranoia” Tipuhov - captain of League of Legends, LCL Spring 2017 champion. 21 years old.
  • Robert “Ufenok77” Fakhretdinov is a FIFA player, multiple champion of Russia, ESWC 2013 silver medalist. Represents Ufa Football Club. 20 years.
  • Artyom “DrHippi” Kravets is a G2A player at Hearthstone, champion of the HCT EU Summer Championship 2016, silver medalist of BlizzCon 2016. 21 years old.
  • Abay "HObbit" Khasenov - Gambit Esports player in CS: GO, champion of DreamHack Austin 2017, DreamHack Winter 2016.22 years.
  • Kirill "Likkrit" Malofeev is an M19 player in the League of Legends, champion of the LCL Summer 2016 and LCL Open Cup 2017, quarter-finalist of the 2016 World Cup. 21 years old.
  • Sergey "Keshandr" Nikishin is a Vega Squadron player in CS: GO, winner of the CIS Minor Championship Atlanta and Krakow. 23 years old.

How is a professional player different than usual?

VP.Paranoia: “Firstly, the difference is how much time you need to devote to the game. An ordinary gamer spends there from 4 to 7 hours a day, and a professional - from 10 to 16 hours. Secondly, the point is the approach. A professional player trains more often and thinks more during a match, and ordinary gamers just enjoy it. ”

Ufenok77: “For cyber football, FIFA comes first. He has a higher decision-making speed, so he is much faster in the game. This difference was made either at some genetic level (when a person has talent), or it appeared when he began to devote much more time to the game and managed to train himself in games with stronger rivals. But I still think that without talent there is no chance to break into the top. ”

VP.DrHippi: “For an esportsman, a game is not a hobby, but a full-fledged work, which must be treated very responsibly. He cannot just play for pleasure. Every year the prize money in tournaments is becoming more and more, so there is no place for fun. ”

Gambit.HObbit: “I think the difference is that a professional plays not only in pleasure, but works and constantly works on himself. He sacrifices time and many things in order to achieve a result. "

VP.No [o] ne“When you just play, you play for fun and pleasure, and in e-sports, the game becomes a job for you, and you give yourself completely to it.”

M19.Likkrit: “It's simple: a professional e-sportsman receives money for the game and plays in large / medium tournaments.”

How to convince parents that eSports is serious?

VP.Paranoia: “I just started doing it seriously, and when I started to earn money, they became interested. Now they fully support me and are waiting for my games. They realized that this is also work. ”

Ufenok77: “I introduced my parents to e-sports back in 2011, when I asked my family to provide me with everything I need to play at a professional level. Still, I was still in school and did not earn money. Already in 2012, I won the first LAN tournament, which was held in Samara. After that, my father traveled to Kazan with me to the BattleHall tournament to get to know more closely what fascinated me no less than real football. ”

VP.DrHippi: “Here I was lucky. My parents were very good with the computer, so I spent a lot of time playing games. I did not have many attempts to get into e-sports, so my parents did not even know about my hobby. When I got to the first big tournament, the prize-winning ones all spoke for themselves. ”

Gambit.HObbit: “I play since childhood, and my parents always supported me, no matter what. Even when eSports did not bring me any income, my parents still continued to believe in me. The fact that e-sports can become not only a hobby, but also a job, they were convinced when we and the Tengri team were sent to St. Petersburg to bootcamp. Then for the first time I was offered a contract with a salary. ”

M19.Likkrit: "" Mom, dad, this weekend I'm flying to Kazakhstan to play a computer game tournament. " It was possible, but far from immediately. ”

VP.No [o] ne: “I said that I was going to America (after qualifying for The International 2015). I think they themselves realized that this is very serious. "

Larisa Voloshina, mother of Ilya “Lil” Ilyyuk“I always took seriously any hobbies of my son and tried to help him whenever possible, and regardless of whether he was a simple guy or a world star in Dota, I was always proud and proud of him.”

What kind of investments does eSports require?

VP.Paranoia: “First of all, you need good internet. Without it, there will certainly not be a quality workout. As for devices, it’s as convenient for anyone. Some players perform at the cheapest, limiting themselves only to a good mouse. There is nothing wrong with that, here everyone has an individual approach. As for me, the most important thing is the Internet, a monitor and a mouse. ”

Ufenok77: “Good conditions are important for any player. Stable internet, console, normal gamepad, chair - absolutely everything matters. If you want to succeed, there should be no distractions. ”

VP.DrHippi: “I play Hearthstone, so the phone is enough for me (laughs). The main thing is that there is good Internet, and the rest does not matter. ”

Gambit.HObbit: “First of all, you need to get a good computer that will support at least 150-200 fps. Secondly, buy a mouse with headphones, and then think about the Internet. The Internet is not in the first place, since in CS: GO you can train even with a large ping or, for example, with bots. ”

M19.Likkrit: “The Internet and a computer are sufficient for a stable game in the selected discipline.”

VP.No [o] ne“Well, the Internet would be great to have normal in 2017, of course.”

How to find the first team?

VP.Paranoia: “I just played at a high level in SoloQ and I was invited to the mix - to play qualifiers at Techlabs Kazakhstan. As a result, we managed to get to the tournament. And so it started! ".

Ufenok77: “This happened in the first year of my playing career. Then I was already a player in the national team, entered the top 3 of the ESL EU, and won several local LAN tournaments. At that time, few people were interested in FIFA, and only guys from St. Petersburg or Moscow were taken to the teams. I was lucky and RoX.KIS became my first team. I was accepted into the team, given the conditions for growth, and the next year I brought the ESWC 2013 silver medal from France. In August 2016, I signed a contract with FC Ufa - the club of my hometown. The option with "Ufa" arose thanks to Azamat Muratov (head of the FCC in the Republic of Bashkortostan). He contacted the general director of Ufa, Shamil Kamilovich Gazizov. They thought, talked, and in the end it all resulted in an official proposal for my transition. "

VP.DrHippi: “It happened by itself. The team itself found me when I adequately performed at my first tournament a year ago. ”

Gambit.HObbit: “I was very lucky in this regard. I have a brother who took me to his team and taught me a lot. Thanks to him, I now play CS: GO, I became what I am. "I was invited to Gambit Esports after I showed myself well in the Tengri team."

M19.Likkrit: "I had a high individual rating and I was invited as a substitute for one tournament."

VP.No [o] ne: “I found the first team on the Prodota forum, and Alexey“ Solo ”Berezin invited me to”.

Where to get the first competitive experience?

VP.Paranoia: “My first tournament was in Kazakhstan. I didn’t like many things there, but it was one of the first League of Legends tournaments in the CIS, so it makes no sense to find fault. The experience gained was interesting and fervent. ”

Ufenok77: “When I first started, EMSs were held at ESL, there was a cool European ladder where all the top players competed. There were tournaments of the Zotac, Acer, Competo Cup series and others. Plus, I didn’t forget about all the more or less good LAN tournaments in Russia. ”

VP.DrHippi: “It all started a year and a half ago, when I decided to try myself in e-sports. In order to get to a significant tournament, it was necessary to go a long way, including [playing] small tournaments for near points, the prize fund of which was only a few dollars. Everyone played them to get qualification points, including me. ”

Vega.Keshandr: “I gained amateur experience, like the vast majority of players, at tournaments of local scale in my city. Over time, “yard” tournaments began to be replaced by larger competitions, in which sometimes teams from other cities took part. Later, I began to try myself on the “away” tournaments. Everything went gradually, step by step. ”

What are the eSportsman training besides playing a lot?

VP.Paranoia: “In the first season of LCL, I practiced meditation, and this helped me before serious games. Each player must find something that will help progress or calm down. Sport helps to throw out negative emotions and just relax - this is a good practice, especially because professional players spend a lot of time at the computer. This is a must for a player if he wants to monitor his body and spirit. ”

Ufenok77: “Do not forget about books and the gym. Or just do things that sometimes help you look at everything from the other side, get distracted. It’s always important to be able to switch. ”

VP.DrHippi: “I spend a lot of time watching other professionals, talking with them, watching what and how they play. Streams help me a lot in this. Hearthstone is such a game that you can play and watch others at the same time. He walked around, and during the course of the enemy there is time to curl up and look into another stream. "

Gambit.HObbit: “I think a successful eSportsman needs to keep track of many things. Sport, motivation to train and give all the best 100%. He must succeed in life so that nothing bothers him, he must work on himself not only in the game, but also outside it. Must be able to be stable psychologically. In fact, you need to work on almost all things, as any professional athlete does. ”

VP.No [o] ne: “Yes, nothing special needs to be done - you sit down and play. It’s just that many people are repelled by their health. Someone cannot live without sports, and someone cannot sit for a long time and he needs to dilute it with movements. Someone just doesn’t have enough nerves :) ”.

Is it possible to combine e-sports with study?

VP.Paranoia: “At first it was difficult, but then I agreed with the teachers and now I just hand over all the subjects whenever possible. This usually happens during a session. I am now completing the fifth year and passing my diploma, so soon this problem will completely disappear. "

Ufenok77: “Full-time study and e-sports at the top level can be combined, but what is meant by combination? If you just get a diploma at some university, skipping more than half of the classes, this is one thing. If you really study and do not skip, then it is unrealistic to be a professional player at the top level. You cannot study in a strong university and show cool results in the game. You will be spending 50/50 forces, but in order to achieve success, you must give yourself 100%. Unfortunately, for this reason I dropped out of college for 1 more year. By the way, no one canceled correspondence courses. ”

VP.DrHippi: “I came to eSports when I had to finish my bachelor's degree for 2 months. So yes, I managed to combine everything. ”

Gambit.HObbit: “You always need to sacrifice something for success, so I suspended my studies for a couple of years. There will be time - I will definitely finish my studies, because only six months are left. In principle, combining study and eSports is real. But due to the big ping in Kazakhstan, I had to move to Kiev, and I took this step for the sake of a dream. ”

VP.No [o] ne: “For me it was very easy. I entered the university, went for the first two weeks and went to the bootcamp with Vega Squadron, after which I went to the USA and won the same ESL One New York 2015. When I arrived, I realized that it was better to leave the university, because again I had to to go for a visa, and then to Frankfurt, at The Frankfurt Major 2015. Somehow my relationship with the university developed. ”

How to make money in e-sports?

VP.Paranoia: At the moment it is prize money and salary. Unfortunately, my stream is not so popular so far, and to make it like that, it takes a lot of time, which I don’t have. ”

Ufenok77: “Salary in the club, prize, sponsorship contracts. I haven’t reached the streams and YouTube yet. I do not like to deal with this nonsense. I would just like to play, and spend my free time on something that is not strongly connected with e-sports. But if you want to have good sponsorship contracts, which, like in big sports, depend on your recognition, then you will have to do this. Now this is much easier. ESports is growing, and almost every team has a separate staff that promotes social networks and the player’s brand. ”

VP.DrHippi: "The bulk of the income is a stable salary and prize money."

M19.Likkrit: "Salary from the organization, salary from Riot Games, prize money, some income from the stream."

Vega.Keshandr: “I got my first money in e-sports for tournaments in which I took part and won prizes. Over time, mixes began to be replaced by teams. ESports did not stand still: organizations, sponsors, money appeared. There are many sources of income in eSports these days. This is the salary paid under the contract on a monthly basis, and prize money, and money for stickers.

The player’s media development can also become an additional source of income: for this you need to actively maintain personal pages on social networks, arrange broadcasts on streaming platforms, and create content. There are many ways, but all this requires tremendous efforts. You need to be a professional in your field, be able to play, communicate with the public, and develop in all directions. ”

How to get into the top organization?

VP.Paranoia: “If you want a strong team, first you need to raise a high rating in SoloQ and hone your individual skills. Then the teams themselves will find you. "

Ufenok77: “Play cool online tournaments, don't miss LAN championships. Analyze your defeats. And always focus on quality! It’s better to play five games a day with top opponents than 25 games with guys from weak divisions. ”

VP.DrHippi: “The main thing is to show that you are a strong player, and this requires good results. In the case of Hearthstone, you probably need to get to the seasonal championship from Blizzard. To do this, you need to win the qualifications for the 64 best players in the region. It is very difficult, but I see no other way. Blizzard does a lot to make a recognizable eSportsman from an unknown newcomer. Top places in open tournaments like DreamHack or Insomnia Truesilver will not give such an impetus. It seems to me that they are not enough to get into the top organizations. ”

Gambit.HObbit: “First of all, I want to advise novice players to be patient. It’s very difficult to break into the top organization. You need to train a lot, survive a lot of losses, constantly work on yourself. This may take several years. The main thing is to really strive and do it! ”

VP.No [o] ne: “You need to play well and be a good person within the team. This plays a very large role. ”

Vega.Keshandr: “The main thing is not to give up: play a lot, watch a lot, analyze a lot. Work a lot on yourself and the team. For my specific example: I played a lot, was a captain, looked for people, coached them, played at tournaments. People came and went. I won and lost a lot, but it did not stop me.

To become a professional, you need to spend a lot of time. I came to the point that they noticed me and called to people like me, who also walked on a thorny path and did not give up. It is at the moment when such people meet that truly strong teams are born. Teams that are hard to break.

Gradually, you, beginning players, will be noticed. Be visible: develop as individuals, as players. Do not be afraid to learn, to bring something of your own. You yourself will understand that you are on the right track. People will start talking about you, someone will take and call you into a stronger team. All in your hands".

1. Calm and only calm

You need to start everything with self-improvement. More precisely, with the treatment of their own health. As already mentioned, eSports is a rather dangerous activity for your nerves. Well, if you are participating in an amateur tournament. But if we are talking about world competition, then the slightest mistake will drive you crazy and make you inadequate. And nerve cells, as you know, are practically not restored.

So, if you want to know how to become an e-sportsman ("Dota 2" or another similar game is a matter of conversation, it doesn’t matter), learn how to stay calm in different life situations. In principle, this step can be dispensed with. But then you can gain a reputation as a nervous, unbalanced and inadequate student, even if it is not at all. Sometimes eSports offers very intense matches.

In addition, in an excited state, making the right decisions and acting quickly is extremely difficult. So calm is not only good for health, but also can help win a tournament. Ready? Then move on.

2. Situation analysis

Further, in order to answer how to become an e-sportsman in KS GO and other games, you need to say the following: you have to learn to analyze the situation. Moreover, fast, accurate and true. After all, slowness can harm you and your team.

Для того чтобы научиться этому, смотрите в интернете видеоролики соревнований и турниров у профессиональных киберспортсменов. Изучайте их тактики, приемы и маневры. Со временем это отложится у вас в памяти. И, разумеется, пригодится в будущем.

Также неплохо было бы научиться анализировать реальные жизненные ситуации. В принципе, такой талант должен быть в крови. В противном случае ваши ошибки могут привести к личному проигрышу или подставить всю вашу команду в целом. Желательно проверять свои выводы на практике. Точнее, на пробных любительских турнирах. But how to become an esportsman of World of Tanks, DotA and other games? There are some quite interesting tricks that will surely be able to help you.

3. Combination

For example, you need to learn how to combine work, study and your hobbies. ESports is an activity that requires a huge amount of time and effort. Sometimes it can lure a person with his head. And the player will not notice anything around him.

So it’s always important to find a balance between study, work and e-sports. Without it, you cannot fully become an athlete in this field. After all, those who do nothing but games are often despised. This is often the lowest stage of the evolution of players deprived of intellect and beautiful speech.

Yes, finding harmony in this regard is extremely difficult. But many cope with this task. How to become an eSportsman in Dota 2 and other toys? Just live, develop and don't forget to play computer games regularly. Without dependence - it will only harm you and your team. Think of eSports as a regular form of competition. And then you will surely succeed.

4. Gaming communities

Want to know how to become an eSportsman? CEH9 (one professional player in this field) assures that to build a career you will have to communicate with different gaming communities. Moreover, you have to become part of them. Sometimes this is not only difficult, but also very costly.

In cases when you decide to become a professional in one game, there will be no problems. Take an interest in joining the community of the same name, demonstrate your skills, agree on the conditions for participation. And everything will be decided. But if you are interested in how to become a professional athlete in many toys, you will have to spend a huge amount of time on gaming communities.

It is worth considering the fact that every day you will need to communicate with your mates, as well as go to meetings and meetings. Moreover, each game now has its own gaming community. On the one hand it’s good not to get confused, but on the other it’s terribly inconvenient. After all, a professional e-sportsman must be a member of many communities. In principle, over time, you will surely cope with this problem. It’s not so difficult to communicate and keep in touch with people, it’s much more difficult to get into their “hobby group”.

5. Self-control

Another important step that can help you figure out what it takes to become an eSportsman is self-control. Do not confuse it with calm. These are slightly different concepts.

It is worth considering that even the best player loses about half of all his matches. And these are normal indicators. True, many gamers believe that an esportsman is a master who never loses. Or it happens extremely rarely. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

As many players say, in order to win, you must first lose. After all, defeat is an integral part of eSports. How to become a professional e-sportsman? You must learn to control your feelings and emotions. And take the loss for granted. Yes, it’s a pity that it happens. But there’s no getting around it.

6. Talent or calling

Of course, not all those who wanted to become cybersportsmen did this. In general, many believe that the soul should lie in this occupation. And a person from birth must have talent in this area.

How can I become an esportsman? Think about whether you need this. Maybe you just lack physical or mental health. ESports is an activity that requires certain skills, despite the fact that all competitions are held in front of computers and at tables. Sometimes such tournaments are much more exhausting than real Olympiads.

If you feel in doubt, it would be better to abandon the idea to figure out how to become an e-sportsman. There is no need to exhaust yourself and substitute your comrades. Take care of what you like the most. Remember that a good player, a professional in his field, is first of all a talent given by nature. You can develop it yourself, but it is extremely difficult to do. And many simply consider all the torment unjustified, a one-goal game.

7. Personal life

Do not forget that we are all human. And even the most avid players should have a personal life. As many people believe, e-sports is nothing more than ordinary entertainment that can generate income and fame from time to time. So do not dwell on this.

This is the right decision. The thing is that if you are thinking about whether it is realistic to become an e-sportsman, combining personal life and a computer, then the answer here is unequivocal - yes, you can become famous in this way. But candidates without relationships, fixated only on computers, have less chance. Here the role is played by emotional stress, and dissatisfaction with life, and constant depression. It is also worth considering that addicted to something people have practically no chance to become famous or achieve success in a particular area.

Want to become an eSportsman? Then just live, enjoy life, build a family and do not forget about computers. Having found balance and harmony in everything (often this is a rather difficult process), you will certainly achieve your success in e-sports.

8. Training

In order to answer how to become an e-sportsman, you need to understand one holy truth - you will need a lot of experience and practice. Moreover, the constant. Analyzing situations, studying tactics, maintaining a normal lifestyle in harmony with oneself is simply wonderful. Only without practice you will not be able to succeed in our type of competition today.

What should be done? Just play. And to gain experience. It is desirable for a long time. Sometimes a good gamer has to spend about 10-14 hours in front of a computer in order to succeed. In principle, if you play toys since childhood, then most likely you already have some practice. So, it will take less time for self-improvement.

Remember: when any updates are released, you will immediately have to study them, and then learn to apply them in practice. After all, rivals are not asleep. They can learn new tactics and moves faster than you. And then you will need to go out of your way to succeed.

9. Relationships

After you decide to become an e-sportsman, you have to accept one harsh truth: although the sport we have chosen is official, it is still not very much appreciated among people. In any case, in Russia this is so. And you will need to be able to communicate with society so that no one will harm anyone.

Get ready for the fact that you will not be considered as an athlete. Rather, many will begin to say that you will spend a lot of time in vain, doing nothing, and so on. Such behavior is almost impossible to avoid. We will have to learn how to properly communicate with society as an eSportsman. Self-control and control are what will help you.

10. Learning games

Want to know how you can become an eSportsman? To be honest, all of the items listed will be able to push you to this decision. Only now we have forgotten another important point - this is nothing more than the study of the games offered to us. They are all of a different genre and type. A good eSportsman should be aware of them.

As already mentioned, very often a variety of shooters and strategies are chosen as an object for e-sports. This means that you must not only improve in one toy, but also learn all the new items of a particular genre. Pay attention only to large projects. And then you will definitely succeed in building an esportsman career.