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Frozen lemonade


In the summer heat, I want to try something tasty and refreshing, especially for soft drinks. And if you do not like industrial soda or tea, with the addition of preservatives and dyes, we suggest you try lemonade made from frozen oranges. This unusually tasty drink is prepared quickly, and disappears from the table even faster, because it is impossible to deny yourself such a healthy and pleasant dessert.

From our master class you will learn how to make delicious homemade oranges lemonade at home!

It is not difficult to do this, as the recipe is very simple, and the result will impress both guests and households, because you get real Fanta lemonade. Of course, it’s good if you have a siphon on hand and you can make a drink with carbon dioxide, but even if not carbonated, it will be very good.

So how to make a soft drink at home?

Ingredients and equipment for homemade lemonade

We select the most ripe and bright fruits - they should not be yellowish or with damage to the peel, since it will also be needed to prepare the drink.

We take ordinary granulated sugar and, depending on the number of oranges, add it to homemade lemonade. Approximate proportions are half a kilo for 4 large fruits.

  • Lemon or citric acid

Add them at will and better after we try to make lemonade according to the classic recipe. They are needed to give additional acidity, but it may not be needed.

You will need water from a bottle, cooler or filtered. The proportions are 10 liters per 4 oranges, we proceed from them. You can make the drink more concentrated, then pour the water in parts, adding 5 l at once, and then the rest.

  • Meat grinder, blender or grater

Any of these chopping tools will come in handy - it all depends on your capabilities and personal tastes.


Sponge my oranges in running water, and then scald with boiling water. This is necessary to wash the excess bitterness from the zest, as well as to remove the wax layer that the fruits cover for better preservation.

Now we can freeze the oranges whole, or we can divide them into 4 slices each. In the latter case, they freeze faster, and then it will be easier to grind them.

Depending on the method of freezing (slices or whole), keep the fruit in the cold from 5-6 hours to 12, leaving it overnight.

We take out the citruses and leave them to leave at room temperature for 15 minutes, so as not to damage the blender. They can also be grated on a coarse grater. It is better to remove exposed bones so that they do not add bitterness to the drink.

Pour the right amount of sugar into the resulting mass, pour a liter of boiling water, mix and cover - let it brew for 3-4 hours.

If time is running out, just fill with warm water and hold for 25 minutes.

We filter the resulting syrup through a sieve, and then, spread it with gauze and skip the drink again to get rid of very small particles.

Bring the syrup to the desired taste with water, gradually adding it. It is not worth pouring all the amount of water at once, because it is quite possible that a higher concentration will suit you. In addition, ready-made lemonade can be served with crushed ice, like mojito - it will also take away “part of the taste”.

Pour the finished drink into bottles, cool. Bon Appetit!

In the same way, lemonade is prepared at home from frozen oranges and lemons. Their ratio should be 1: 3. If you take citric acid, then it will need 1 tablespoon. 4 oranges.

Experiment with different ingredients and find your optimal recipe for lemonade from frozen oranges, friends!

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  • Lemon 4 Pieces
  • Orange 1 Piece
  • Lemongrass Stalk 1 Piece
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • honey 1 tbsp. a spoon

Slice the stem of lemongrass.

In a deep bowl, mix lemon and orange juices, and add lemongrass. Let the mixture stand for 30 minutes or refrigerate overnight.

Then add 4 cups of water, sugar and honey. Pour the mixture into a mold and place in the freezer for 1 to 2 hours. Stir with a fork and put in the freezer again for 20 minutes.

Beat in a blender until smooth. Put the dessert in tall glasses and serve. Bon Appetit!