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Tinder App


Tinder is used by tens of millions of people around the world. Each of these people wants with his help to quickly have a romantic relationship with someone.

The Tinder app was invented for people who want to make romantic acquaintances. It differs from others in that only those who liked each other communicate here. Thanks to this approach, there are no intrusive interlocutors here.

From English, the word "tinder" can be translated as "tinder" - dry wood for quick ignition of a fire. Tinder helps to foster relationships, adds a spark to personal life.

Emergence and development

The development and subsequent life of Tinder are divided into 6 stages:

  • September 2012 - Hatch Labs introduced Tinder to the general public,
  • January 2014 - the number of application users exceeds 10 million,
  • December 2014 - more than 40 million people want to get to know each other quickly,
  • March 2015 - paid services appear,
  • 2016 - the introduction of the hidden rating function,
  • January 2017 - the appearance of the manager in Russia, responsible for the development of Tinder.

How Tinder works, main tasks

The main goal of the Tinder application is to simplify the dating process and give the opportunity to communicate only to people who are pretty to each other.

Using Tinder is simple: register, post suitable photos and at least fill out the application form at least. After that, set the search parameters and select potential partners.

Main functions

The main features include:

  • View profiles and the ability to communicate within geolocation. To talk with someone, swipe to the right. If the potential interlocutor does the same, then the conversation will take place.
  • Matchmaker - Users introduce people to each other. With the help of this function, it became easier to pick up a pair for close friends from the environment.
  • Sorting. This free service arose in 2013. Thanks to her, profiles are now distributed by interest group or location.
  • Moment’s. Share your vivid impressions of life with other people - thanks to this function, the application deletes the posted photos in a day.

Paid services: Tinder Plus

To use the features of the application to 100%, buy a number of functions. Notably, the cost of services is different for everyone. For example, users under the age of 28 pay 4 times less than those who have already crossed this age line. Moreover, even a country plays a role. In third world countries, a monthly subscription will cost $ 3, and in the US - $ 19.

What do developers offer mere mortals in exchange for their hard-earned money? Among the paid features are:

  • Super like. It attracts the attention of people, but is available only once a day for free. To increase this number to 5, you need to pay $ 30 per month.
  • The complete lack of advertising. Included in the price of the main package.
  • The ability to access all profiles of people from all over the world, not taking into account the geographical location.
  • A chance to rewind if you accidentally make a mistake and click on the next user.

Using Tinder is very easy. The application continues to grow rapidly, and the developers promise the introduction of new interesting features. We will answer the questions in the comments.

Description of the dating app “Tinder”

The developers are trying to make dating applications as simple and convenient as possible so that users can use the service without problems and lags. One such application is Tinder. Created in the near 2012, it meets all the latest technology. For example, the main idea of ​​its use is making swipes, which greatly facilitate the work process. The “Tinder” mobile application makes it possible to find people of interest to you who are close in spirit and hobbies.

Application description

To get started with the application, you need to download it. You can do this on both iPhone and Android. Registration is carried out only through Facebook. After installation, you must provide detailed information about yourself in order to interest other users and post your photos. Although checking for the reality of accounts is not performed here, there are few fake pages.

In the search box, you are looking for a mate for the given parameters. The tinder app allows you to view accounts anonymously and like your favorite profiles. Here, in addition to like / dislike, there are other variations of expressing your sympathy.

Also, besides Facebook, you have the opportunity to link Instagram to the Tinder application. This will allow you to conveniently share photos.

Application features

  • The ability to view profiles and select users according to their geolocation,
  • The presence of a special function - Matchmaker. She automatically picks you a pair based on your interests and beliefs,
  • Distribution of profiles by interest groups or location,
  • The ability to capture the moment and share it with others - thanks to the Moment’s function, the application will automatically delete the posted photos every two days.

Paid services

  • Super Like - automatically puts likes, which attracts the attention of users. Available in limited quantities - 1 time per day. To use the feature unlimited, you need to pay $ 30,
  • Lack of advertising. Yes, for a fee, annoying ads will be disabled for you, which sometimes interferes with the normal operation of the application,
  • Access to profiles from all over the world is opened, and not just those close to geolocation,
  • The ability to go back to the previous user.

Application benefits

  • Snap to Facebook. Although many do not like it, the audience that moves from Facebook to Tinder is more extensive, especially considering the geographical aspect. Therefore, the chance to find a foreigner is much higher,
  • Speed ​​of use. There are no unnecessary movements or gestures. And downloading the “Tinder” application to your phone is not a problem,
  • They write to you only by mutual sympathy. So if you liked someone and he reciprocated, know that this is sincere,
  • Ability to install the “Tinder” application on Android and IOS.

How to use Tinder?

To start using the application, you need to download it and install it on your smartphone. To register with it, you will need a Facebook profile. If you do not have it, you will have to register on Facebook - this can be done using any browser from a mobile or PC.

The advantage of authorization through a social network is that in Tinder it is almost impossible to stumble on a robot page. In Tinder, only dating between real people takes place, and this is a big plus for the dating service.

Tinder Profile

In the Tinder profile, the user name, age, and if available also the place of study, information about yourself, interests and general acquaintances are indicated. Tinder receives all this data from Facebook. To change the information collected from there, you can go to "Change information", add a new photo, set up a demonstration of a photo from Instagram, edit information about yourself.


As the main photo profile, a photograph from a Facebook page is used. However, using the application, you can upload additional pictures from the profile to Instagram or directly from the phone. To edit photos, you need to go to "View Profile", from there to "Change Information". It is there that the existing ones are removed and new photos added. To show a photo from Instagram, you need to select "Enable" next to the corresponding menu item. In the same menu, the function can always be turned off.

Each user can enable or disable showing it in finds. If you remove your profile from Nakhodka, you will not be offered new partners, but with already found users you can keep in touch and exchange messages.

If you add your profile to Nakhodka, your profile will be shown to those users whose queries by gender, age and location you answer. Looking through Finds, each user can confirm sympathy or reject the partner’s candidacy. If sympathy is mutual, a pair is formed. You can communicate closer and exchange messages, because now you know how to use the tinder application.