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Where to meet a girl


To find a girlfriend, it is not necessary to go to clubs and restaurants often. You can meet your soulmate in places where you are every day. It can be buses, subways, cafes and even your place of work or study. To make it easier for you to get acquainted with a girl, we will consider how best to approach her and start a conversation.

Thousands of beautiful girls travel daily on public transport. This way of dating at first glance may seem strange. After all, transport is a crowded place, but I don’t want to attract too much attention. But do not worry about what others will think. Most of them are busy with their problems, so they will not even pay attention to you.

You get on the bus and see a beautiful girl. No need to gather your thoughts for a long time, go immediately to her and sit next to her. Start a conversation, starting from what the beauty is doing. If you notice that she is sitting on a social network, ask if she managed to find her future husband on the Internet? If the girl is sitting in the headphones, ask what music she listens to. Also, you can humorously comment on some ardent detail in its image. For example: "You have such an interesting handbag, from whom did you steal it?" After the first sentence, smile and look into her eyes. Such phrases do not impose an acquaintance on a girl; you simply communicate with her. If you can talk to her, take a phone number and invite her on a date.

The next good place for dating is a cafe. Sitting over a cup of delicious drink, the girl feels relaxed, she is in no hurry. Here she will not say that she does not have time for you. As soon as you saw a lonely pretty girl in a cafe, head to her and confidently sit down at her table. You do not ask permission to sit down, just sit down. After that, start a conversation on any topic. You can ask a question about the place where you are sitting: “Is this a cool place, do you often come here?”, “Do you probably get bored here alone?”, “Are you resting after a hard day?” Such phrases do not seem stereotyped and are conducive to communication.

If you rarely use public transport and do not want to get to know a cafe, places where you often visit, such as a place of work or study, a sports club, a swimming pool, etc., are suitable for you. In these places, you may already be familiar with the girl that you like. All that remains is to invite the beauty on a date. Only you need to invite her only if you are sure that you are pretty to her. In case of failure, your reputation may be damaged. But if you notice at work a girl from another department, with whom you rarely meet, feel free to try to get close to her.

If you do not want to go anywhere, try to meet a girl on the phone. The advantage of such an acquaintance is that you can do it at home, lying on your favorite couch. Your main weapon is voice and well-delivered speech. To meet on the phone you need a girl’s number. You can find it on social networks. Some girls intentionally leave their contacts on the page so that some guy dares to call them.

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How to choose a place for effective dating with girls

1) Night club. Any regular in nightclubs knows very well that you can often meet interesting girls there. It is important that the nightclub is the place where most free women hope to meet a guy for a relationship. In general, if you see a bored girl or a group of friends in a nightlife, then there is a very high probability that they will not mind dating. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that club visitors who easily come in contact with strangers do not always count on a serious relationship. However, it is possible that you yourself do not strive for a permanent girl in your life, and you, too, are in no hurry to burden yourself with a long romance.

2) Work. It is possible that your potential partner has already met you more than once, you simply either did not pay attention to her, or for some reason did not dare to get acquainted. Pay attention to the girls that you have to face at work. Some men lament that they are not able to make time to start a relationship, because they are almost always at work. By the way, not all corporations encourage romantic ties between their employees, however, if your company does not have such strict restrictions, it makes sense to take advantage of this.

3) Park. A walk in the park can be not only useful for you, but also a very productive pastime for finding new acquaintances. Girls who stroll through the park zone, as a rule, are in no hurry, so you can very well approach one of the people you like and start a conversation. Usually the park has a very friendly “bright” atmosphere that will set you in the right way.

4) Sports, dance sections. It is also a very good place for dating, in which you can often meet active and purposeful girls. If you are dreaming of such a companion, then the sports section or dance lessons will be a wonderful choice. As you know, common hobbies bring people together, and besides, you don’t have to look long for a topic of conversation in a similar situation.

5) Dating sites. If you set out to find a girl for a relationship, then you should not discount dating sites, which are now very numerous. In the modern world, more and more couples find each other in the virtual space, and you can very well follow this example. Try not to drag out too much at the initial stage with correspondence, but also “not to rush into a quarry” - a day or two of correspondence and the subsequent exchange of the phone with the purpose of making a date are enough.

6) Internet. Perhaps, for some reason, you are distrustful of dating sites, but you don’t have enough time to meet girls in public places and so on. In this case, ordinary social networks, such as VK, can help you. In the search “drive in” the parameters by which you are looking for a girl - approximate age, marital status, city of residence. Try to write to the web users you like - it is quite possible that they will easily contact you. However, in order to increase the chances of this, give preference to girls whose status indicates that they are “not married” or are “actively searching”.

7) At a concert. Having gone to a concert of a musical group, you have high chances to reduce your acquaintance with a girl. However, it is worth noting that it is quite rare for the fair sex to attend such events alone, preferring outings with friends. That is why, in order to feel more confident, you can also go to a concert with a friend or in a company - however, this is not necessary if you already feel free in any situation.

With a rich girl

If it is fundamentally important for you that a potential lover is sure to be rich, then visit elite places. As a rule, girls with very modest financial income do not dine in expensive coffee houses, do not attend sports complexes, in which the price of a subscription is close to the average salary in the country. In general, for sure, the essence is clear to you: wealthy people often live in places for which you need to pay a substantial amount for your stay.

With a young beautiful girl

In fact, there are many young and beautiful girls, and you can get to know them almost anywhere. If you are looking for a person no older than 20-22 years old, try to walk more often in parks adjacent to universities, as well as visit coffee houses in these areas - in such places you have a high chance of meeting a student. However, there are many young and beautiful girls in other places - gyms, night clubs, various interest clubs and so on.

With a normal girl for a serious relationship

If you want to meet a girl for a serious relationship, then you can still take into account dating sites. Choose profiles of those girls who are registered recently, and not "sit" on these sites for months. Of course, you can meet interesting options in the second case, but there is also a risk, among the guests of the portal to meet girls who are set up for short meetings or who have so high requirements for a partner that it will not be easy to get from them not only relationships, but also elementary meeting. But in general, the “normal” girls are still the majority and they visit public transport, cafes, shopping centers, ice rinks, theaters and other places every day.

With a girl at night or for constant sex

Perhaps you are not in a hurry to burden yourself with a serious relationship or you already have a couple, but for some reason you decided to find a girl for one night or a constant lover. In the first case, nightlife can help you. Of course, not all visitors to nightclubs are ready for sex for one night, but such are regularly found there. A girl who is ready for such adventures is easy to determine: she is defiantly dressed, liberated, and easily makes contact. There you can meet a girl for constant sex, but in order to simplify your task it is better to turn to the already mentioned dating sites - some of its visitors are also looking only for intimate relationships with a man, and directly indicate this in their profile.

How to choose the best free dating site

There are many free dating sites on the Web. It is worth noting that even on them there are some paid functions for those who want to slightly or substantially “promote” their profile. On many sites there is such a system: “On the first day of registration, your profile on the first pages of the portal, however, gradually the profile“ goes down ”, and even the most desperate or persistent users can find it. For a certain small amount (the price is different on different sites) you can provide your profile with a permanent place on the front pages. If you do not want to do this, then you just should not count on the fact that the girls themselves will find your profile, and look for the chosen one among the proposed options. One of the most popular dating sites in the CIS is Mamba.

Dating on forums and social networks

If you certainly want to meet a girl on the Internet, then you can understand. Usually you can prepare for such an acquaintance - there is no spontaneity, there is the opportunity to think through your answers, to show yourself in a more favorable light. For this purpose, it is not necessary to go to a dating site - ordinary social networks and forums are not worse at all, but better in some ways. With such communication, you will feel more at ease, however, like your virtual interlocutor. Many dating sites are uncomfortable due to the fact that each participant in the conversation knows exactly the purpose of the correspondence, but it’s just that everything is different on the social network - there remains a certain intrigue.

If a man is 30 years old or more

If you think that by your status or age it is no longer suitable to look for a girl in a noisy disco, then, of course, you should pay attention to more peaceful places. Some women in the evenings like to relax in sushi bars, attend the theater, and art exhibitions. Many women try to maintain themselves in good physical shape, and for this purpose regularly attend yoga classes or a gym. Taking this information into service, you can easily find a potential life partner. However, it is important to remember that you do not need to limit yourself to any specific framework when meeting someone - the ideal woman for you can meet you almost anywhere.

If a man is married, but looking for a lover

If you are already married, but need a relationship with another woman, then the place to search for a potential lover depends on how much you fear that this relationship may be revealed to your wife. Perhaps you are in a free relationship with your spouse, you are sure that she will not leave you in any case, or simply you are ready for the marriage to break up - in this case, it doesn’t really matter where the meeting with the other woman takes place - in a hookah room, sushi bar or on a city street. If you want to keep your connection on the side in secret, then, of course, it is important to follow some precautions. The ideal option for you may be a person who is also married. Such women, having struck up a relationship with another man, are well aware of the importance of conspiracy. A married girl is perfect if you are looking for a permanent lover.

Statistics: where are people most often meeting now and why

  • Statistics say that more than 25 percent of people find a mate in public places. In general, there is nothing surprising in this, because the more people around, the more likely it is to get to know someone. We can talk about a cafe, club, sanatorium, sports hall and many other crowded places.
  • More than 20 percent of people found a “soul mate” directly fulfilling their professional duties. Perhaps you do not notice any charming employee! Acquaintances at work are quite understandable - potential couples have the opportunity to “look closely” at each other, see some nuances that are significant for themselves, evaluate the financial capabilities of a partner (for many this item is very significant).
  • About 17 percent of couples met while still in school or college. Many lovers manage to maintain their relationship and subsequently marry.
  • About 16 percent of people met with the help of friends. As a rule, men and women have a positive attitude to this method of searching for the “second half,” since they can know in advance from a friend some details about potential chosen ones and be sure that no surprises await them later.
  • At least 15 percent of people get acquainted on the World Wide Web and every year this figure only increases. Increasingly, men and women spend time on social networks, and, accordingly, make acquaintances in the same place. There are many reasons why this is convenient. Firstly, there is time to “look closely” at the object of sympathy, think over your answers, learn well about the tastes and interests of the person you like even before meeting with her and so on.

Top 10 places to meet girls

1) Street. Most of the girls can be found on the street. Just go to the townswoman you like and ask for her phone number. It is possible that she will not want to get to know you, but in a minute you have a chance to try your chances with another girl!

2) Night club. In the relaxed atmosphere of a nightclub, girls most often willingly make acquaintances, and even themselves strive for it. Another thing is that in nightlife it is not always possible to find a person who is set up for a serious relationship, but sometimes this still happens.

3) Theater. If you dream of meeting with an intelligent and “exalted” girl, then hurry up to get a ticket for some theater premiere - so you have every chance not only to fulfill your dream, but to enrich yourself culturally.

4) Cafe. Visit a cafe in the city center. Choose a popular and crowded establishment - for sure, in it you can meet an interesting person. Also do not discount cozy coffee houses.

5) Gym. Is your goal an active and athletic girl? В таком случае, очевидно, что вам стоит посетить тренажерный зал – там вы имеете все шансы встретить девушку, увлеченную спортом. Впрочем, подойдут и прочие секции – теннис, бассейн и так далее.

6) Торговый центр. В торговых центрах, как правило, имеются кафе, магазины, салоны красоты и многие другие места, которые обычно вызывают интерес у девушек, поэтому отправившись туда, вы повышаете свои шансы на интересное знакомство.

7) Dating sites. For this reason, dating sites were created so that people have the opportunity to meet there, make an appointment and, possibly, subsequently establish a relationship. It is possible that you are lucky, like millions of other web users, and on such a portal you can find personal happiness.

8) Concerts. Often the atmosphere at the concerts is quite conducive to communication. If you get to the performance of some lyrical artist, then you will probably be able to meet a romantically inclined girl there.

9) Resorts. At the resort, many girls traveling alone or with friends are also quite tuned to an interesting acquaintance. The difficulty may lie in the fact that you can meet a girl not from your city, and subsequently a romance from a distance will await you. However, even such relationships often lead to an amazing love story.

10) Exhibitions. Many girls like to attend modern art exhibitions - both alone and in the company of a friend. Such a pastime is becoming increasingly popular, and usually several similar events take place in megacities at once.

Is it worth getting to know this place?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of dating? Let’s take a closer look.

So, virtues:

  1. You can meet a good girl everywhere. Even on the bus. Such a simple acquaintance will help you expand your social circle.
  2. If the girl agreed to meet in transport, then you can spend some time together, respectively, you can take your time and not be afraid not to have time to say something, exchange phones.

Even in case of refusal, remember the “100 no” rule. This implies that failures will be, and more than once. And do not get very upset, it is better to start collecting failures. As soon as they say “no” 100 times to you, it means that they have said “yes” at least a few times.

This method has limitations:

  1. Unlike dating on social networks, with this option there is no way to collect information about the girl. In this situation, it is not always clear what to talk about with her, what she is interested in, what kind of jokes she likes and which ones not. Girls are, at times, touchy and may be offended by a joke that personally seems completely innocent to you.
  2. Not always in transport can keep track of their neatness. And it should be remembered that it is his appearance that creates the first impression of a person.
  3. If the girl nevertheless refuses to meet her, it will be an awkward moment for some time on the way to be in the same vehicle with her.

How to attract attention?

How to attract attention and meet a girl on a bus, minibus and other public transport? You can attract attention meeting glanceslike on the street. Look at the girl, catch her eye. Look away. Then look again. Do not look into her eyes straight and long. A long direct look into the eyes is usually a manifestation of aggression, the girl will be uncomfortable because they look at her like that.

As soon as you notice that the girl is also looking at you, smile. Try to approach her (if the transport is free enough) and ask if you can get to know her? If the transport is not as free as we would like and it is not possible to approach the girl, try to go out with her and get to know each other outside the transport.

How to find out if a girl is ready for an acquaintance?

How to understand if a girl is ready to meet? The main symptom the fact that a girl is ready to meet is that in response to your opinion she does not start to look away and does not try to move away somewhere, go to the nearest stop, she also starts looking into your eyes and smiling.

If you notice such behavior, feel free to get acquainted, she will most likely support this idea. This also applies to meeting people at work.

Further, at the beginning of the conversation note on how the girl talks. If the girl answers all the questions in monosyllables, she says yes or no, that means she is not set up to get to know each other, it is better to stop trying.

Examples of situations and phrases

Remember what phrases you can’t start dating:

  1. “Would you like to meet?”, “Would you like to start an acquaintance?”. Remember that phrases with such a design prompt the girl to answer “No, I don’t want!”, “No, I don’t want!”.
  2. Do not start acquaintance with rude jokes.
  3. Do not criticize the girl with your first phrases. You should not say something like "Oh, what bag you drag, is it not hard for you, poor thing?" In general, do without the slightest criticism of the girl.
  4. Beware of making hasty conclusions on the girl’s appearance. If you thought that she looked like a representative of some subculture or a person who is engaged in this or that particular, do not start acquaintance with a phrase like “What are you, Poti hippies or something?”. Remember, such a construction of the phrase is quite sharp and rude. Do not think that after such a statement, the girl will agree to meet you.

BUT how can I start a conversation with a girl:

  1. If you are sitting or standing nearby and have just walked in, you can ask the girl if this is the transport. Something like this “Sorry, I overlooked which bus I got on. Is this exactly bus No. 200A? ”After her positive answer, one can ask if she will tell you where the necessary stop is. If a girl says she leaves early, you can ask where she is going, casually tell me where you are going, Everything, the conversation started.
  2. You can start a conversation by also asking her about some brand attributes of her clothes, which indicate her social status, belonging to some subculture.

For example, if, among all other things, a girl has a scarf, T-shirt, backpack, or something else from a rock band's merchandising. (These are branded things, for example, on the backpack there may be the inscription “Pilot” on the T-shirt may be the inscription “King and the buffoon” and the corresponding images).

If you see a girl with such clothes, you can safely start a conversation with the phrase “I am flattered to meet the girl in the transport who is listening to the Orgy of the Righteous” group, I myself heard several of their songs. Tell me, how often do you go to their concerts? ”The name of the group, of course, should correspond to what is written on the girl’s backpack or T-shirt.

So you can start a conversation only if if you yourself understand in the work of this group and you know at least something. And then you can quite strongly substitute yourself if you ask how often a girl goes to concerts of a group that currently does not exist, or does not come to your city.

How to get a phone number?

After meeting you can understand how the girl is set to continue dating. If the girl answers in sufficient detail, supports the conversation, then it should be smoothly bring it to an end with something like that:

“So our joint trip ends, it’s time for me (or you) to go out. But I would like to continue our conversation and go with you to (And at that moment you should invite her somewhere to a place where she will definitely like it. During the conversation, you will need to find out her favorite places). Can I exchange phone numbers and make an appointment? ”

Some more tips and tricks

The most important formula for success is to feel confident. To do this, remember the most important points. This is appearance. To always look good enough, dress neatly. Keep your shoes clean. Do not forget to choose clothes in a certain style.

Another important point is self-confidence. It is worth deciding for yourself that it is with such a person to meet anyone.


Acquaintance in transport is a rather interesting and unusual option for acquaintance. But at the same time, this is how to get acquainted quite difficult.

The fact is that with such an unusual acquaintance it is not always possible to immediately find something to talk about with a new acquaintance. After all, it is not always clear what her interests are and how she will react to such an acquaintance.

If you live in a metropolis, then you should take into account the specifics of it and remember that people are less likely to start communication, when compared with small cities.