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How to start a new life and become happy


How many times have you tried to start life from scratch? How many times have you promised yourself that it is next Monday / from the next month / after the New Year / right after the exams that you will begin to change your life for the better? And how long have you been missing? Stop feeding yourself promises and take action. For example, first read our special project from which you will learn 10 simple, effective and real ways to start a new life. Now no excuses!)

The first rule of a new life is that you don’t tell anyone that you are going to start it. This is most likely not to cause any enthusiasm for your friends, only chuckles in the spirit of “Yeah, well, what’s this in a row?” Or “Well, good luck.” And it’s not at all because they are not friends at all and wish you bad - they just probably already had to go through more than one of your “new lives”, and their healthy skepticism is quite explainable.

To start a truly new life, it’s not enough to make another plan and run around the house a couple of times in the morning. First you need to figure out what exactly does not suit you in the old one - you can even make a list. And for each “dissatisfied” point, write several ways to solve your problem - your new goals.

Do not delay the start of a new life until tomorrow, Monday, or the first day of the next month: by the cherished hour, you will already forget what you were planning to do and you will lose your resolve. So if you want to go to bed earlier, get up at 6 in the morning and go for a run before school, go to bed at 23:00 today, even if you were planning to spend the coming evening or night in company with The Vampire Diaries.

Remember that in order to establish a useful habit and get rid of the harmful one, you need only three weeks - in 21 days your brain gets used to unusual actions, and they turn into a ritual for him. So you have to torture yourself not so long.

Do not think that a new haircut, a new hair color, a new make-up and other changes in appearance, even the most dramatic ones, will dramatically make you another person. Somewhere under your new blond hair / red lips / dragon tattooed on your back will still be the same little girl. It is impossible to solve your internal problems, dealing only with the outside.

It’s always easier to start a new life from scratch - so first throw out all the trash. Even if you are not an adept of perfect cleanliness and order, getting rid of old and unnecessary things is always nice - taking these packages out of your home makes you feel a little more free.

Starting a new life, do not forget about old friends. About real friends who have been with you for a long time and always - and when you feel bad, and when something succeeds, and when you need help and support, and when you win. And do not regret, parting with those who were not really friends - those who said “you will not succeed”, “you cannot”, “well, this is not for you” to all your ambitious plans.

The most important currency that is issued to each of us at birth is not at all dollars, euros and not even domestic rubles, but seconds, hours and minutes of our life, that is, time. Therefore, do not waste it in vain on useless and useless things: meaningless VKontakte correspondence, stupid TV shows, hour-long chatter about the phone. If you calculate how much time it takes us completely wasted, and how much cool, useful, really worthwhile you could do during this time, it becomes scary.

Stop waiting for something to happen by itself and imagine how wonderful it will be when you finally lose weight / get acquainted with the same Vadik from 11 “B” / sign up for dancing and amaze everyone at a school disco, etc. Just stop looking for excuses, get off the couch - and do it! In life, mountains, alas, very rarely themselves move from their place and go to Mohammed.

  • A new life, even if you wait for it, suddenly starting, can scare. Change is always scary, and constancy is always basically nothing, albeit not too exciting. Therefore, starting something, do not turn back - always keep in mind the image that you once imagined. But you do all this in order to become what you wanted to be - isn’t it worth all your efforts?
  • So what do you say? How many times have you tried to start a new life? Happened?:)

    I want to start a new life

    Where does the desire to start a new life come from? When everything around ceases to bring joy, and you resemble a squeezed lemon, it is time to begin a life reboot. As soon as the first signal “I urgently need a change, and I can’t do it anymore” arises, it means that the die is cast.

    A strong desire to start a new life arises when life becomes a verdict rather than a pleasure. Such a bold deed can be done at any age, regardless of social status and especially gender. For everyone, fate has prepared a secret road, which is important to come to consciously.

    How to start a new life if desire is present only in ideas?

    It is because of fears that perseverance may not be pronounced. If a person after several attempts lost, then he will automatically think that nothing else will come of it. But all the same, that hope will live inside, which after a while will light up again. The excitement in the soul that everything will end in failure must be defeated with drastic steps. The more we postpone the jump, the more difficult it is to complete it. It is not for nothing that it has been said everywhere that one must act at the first stage, when the desire is the most fiery. We often do not listen to the call of the soul and often regret the time spent in vain.

    Where to start a new life? The first is to feel true desire. The second is to start developing an escape plan from the routine and its strong fetters. A new life is frightening with its obscurity, but it can be done in a smart way - to build its implementation step by step. The detachment from what “is now” and what “will be later” is exactly what scares!

    It is unlikely that a person is afraid that after three mountains he will be able to buy a house. He is more concerned about how he can overcome laziness, or leave the old job for a more interesting one or how he will refuse to buy unnecessary things. If everyone knew that the result is guaranteed, everyone would rush into this unknown.

    Get resolute.

    “That's it, I'm starting a new life today and no excuses!” - a great start! Dreams do not like to be scattered. If there is a goal, then it should be decisive, and not lie on a subconscious level. This is the same as dreaming of a trip to Italy all my life and not even trying to save up for a trip. What do you really want? It is important to write on paper the maximum possible list of things that periodically arise in ideas. Each captain of his ship, which can go with the stream and it is not clear when it comes to shore, or has a clear course to meet the dream.

    Down with the patterns!

    The generally accepted framework, personal prejudices - they are all salt! Life is not a template like a robot with autopilot. How to start all over again if many do not understand me? It is to break the wall of misunderstanding and not be afraid to express oneself. Naturally, if people give advice, then you can listen to it. The experience of adults has not been canceled, and it can be a good clue. No need to become unarmed in the wrong hands and play along with others. If in the same place you are surrounded only by pessimists, critics - you should avoid such communication. A taste for freedom is manifested when we are surrounded by open and positive people.

    Enjoy the process.

    How to start life from scratch, if the idea will not please me? Obviously, nothing! Actions should not come from under a stick, but with a sincere belief in a better result. We are the directors of our lives who are writing the script. It is important to enjoy the process. The more a person is satisfied with himself, the easier it is for him to make difficult decisions. Life will not be new without bright moments, exciting situations from which impressions appear.

    Now we will directly proceed to the tips that we personally prepared for those who are determined to start a new life.

    How to start a new life

    In order for changes in life to quickly knock on the door, you need to understand that the past is an outdated time that you don’t need to think and regret. If an unloved job takes life energy for many years, it is worth getting rid of it immediately. It’s scary to imagine what will happen to a person in another 10 years! Take risks - this skill helps you quickly get rid of what is only pulled back or left in place. Stability, at times, is ghostly. Behind her may be a chronic fear of taking a responsible step and sacrificing the present.

    There is a well-known proverb: "A tit is better in the hands than a crane in the sky." She explains that one can be content with existing ones and not take from life anymore. Yes, this rule can be applied in the early stages, or if everything works. But how to pull yourself together and start a new life when you are already covered in dust? Do not run away from potential opportunities!

    Do not be verbose on a new path

    Where to start a new life, if not with great enthusiasm. No need to tell everyone: “I am starting to live a new life, stop doing it and start it.” With high probability, others will be indifferent to this or, conversely, will be taunted. Talking about global ideas is necessary only for those who really understand and support you. Words do not like to be thrown to the wind. People who have experienced unpleasant experiences or think “as Galina said” will only fill their lives with skepticism.

    Clear life from unnecessary trash

    If you start all over from scratch, then you need to get rid of unnecessary trash. What affects a person? His decor! If it is filled with unnecessary little things, worse, garbage, then an imbalance occurs. It is worth now to see what surrounds us at home - in our fortress. Everything seems perfect? Why have a lot of services, a copper vase, unnecessary magazines, things from an unpleasant past. It can be sold, given to those in need. The less the atmosphere is filled with trash, the easier it is felt on the soul. Lightness at heart is the absence of empty stress.

    Learn to value time

    How to start a new life? Learn to value time. This is the most important asset that should not be scattered! The day consists of only 24 hours, of which almost half goes on vacation. You can’t sit around the TV for hours on end, behind the phone’s screen, spending time on trifles. How can you learn a foreign language if you constantly watch photos in social. networks? How to manage to do exercises if we constantly get up late? It is important to control the regimen of the day and devote enough time to sleep and cheerfulness. Useless things should be replaced by useful ones that will have an effect. A minute of idleness becomes well-deserved, if enough work is done for this.

    Get rid of bad habits

    For the formation of any habit, 3 weeks is enough. During this time, the body and the brain fully acquire a new pace of life. It is important to get rid of harmful behavior, from which there are only one problems. Have you wanted to quit smoking for a long time? To go to the gym for weight loss? Maybe stop eating a lot of sweets? Only great willpower and perseverance will help overcome unnecessary habits.

    Make a list of "dissatisfied" things

    “I’m not happy with my work, I don’t like the way I behave in society, I don’t like my style of clothes,” such thoughts definitely lead to changes. It is important to write a list of those things that do not satisfy a person. It is necessary to honestly point out where the internal struggle comes from. The result may surprise! Opposite each item, you need to write a way that will solve this problem. It is the “solutions” that will become the goals to which we must strive.

    Change outwardly

    Why not create your own new image that will symbolize change? Change the hairstyle, wear a new make-up, change the style of the wardrobe, replace glasses with contact lenses - changes in appearance should correspond to the internal mood. An unremarkable girl will become a fatal lady, whom compliments will always say. An insecure guy will be able to hit the audience in a slightly bold way. Entering a new life is a podium where we manifest in all its glory.

    Get rid of fear

    “Well, what are you waiting for? Come on, go to the leader and ask for a promotion! Tell me what doesn’t suit you, ”such thoughts make you fall through the earth. It is always scary to start a new life when insecurity sits inside. It is enough to take one step and further it will be easier to control the situation. Why set yourself up for a long time and still not take the long-awaited road? It is important to cross the invisible barrier that prevents you from moving further.

    Maintain old contacts

    Never forget about bosom friends with whom we knew joy and sorrow. Despite a lot of work, constant plans, it is important to maintain a relationship with them. Write a message, but rather call and find out: “How are you? Are you all right? Can meet?". To know that in life there are those who can support and be near is the most pleasant feeling. True friends, good friends will always support, despite the circumstances.

    Stop waiting for a miracle

    A good moment will never come, as it is now! Already we had enough of “breakfast”, we had already fantasized so much - it’s time to start acting. There will be no better time, as now, to say “I love you”, “I value you”, “let's try”, etc. It is important to stop looking for excuses, and to step confidently on the path to the desired dream.

    How to start a new life without having over abilities, great connections and money? Feel a great desire to change course for a happy future. Each of us is durable granite that requires detailed work. As a result, the result will surprise even the biggest master! It is enough to apply the advice from the article, and you will never remain the same. Great success and no gloom!

    Frigate called "Life"

    Life is beautiful, isn't it? This is constantly reminded of us by our inner voice, which loves to give us hints so much. If you were visited by a sudden desire to start a new life from scratch, do not drive him. On the contrary, treat it as a sign that it’s time to raise the sail of your own frigates called “Life” and with new strength begin to move only forward.

    Many successful people began with work on their own development. 1% of talent and 99% of work - this is the secret of true success. Do not be afraid of change. It is necessary to act decisively and irrevocably.

    After all, starting to change for the better is so interesting and exciting. This is a challenge to positive emotions and motivation to conquer new heights. The advice that I offer you in this article, I hope, will make you at least think about your priorities and habits.