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Hoarse voice: reasons why it becomes hoarse and what to do


Each person has his own voice: someone has a gentle one, someone has a creaky one, someone sizzles ... Everyone has his own. However, not everyone is satisfied with the sound of their own voice, especially for teenagers who have voice changes.

Nature of voice

The voice refers to the sounds that a person makes during a conversation, singing, laughing or crying. It is formed during the exhalation of air through the nose and mouth, during which the vibration of the vocal folds occurs, leading to the creation of vibrations of sound in the passing air.

The vocal folds oscillate with a certain frequency, and the nasopharynx and chest act as sound resonators. The uniqueness of the voice is determined by the characteristics of the larynx of a person.

Breaking voice

The child’s voice organs are small, so the air stream only vibrates their edges — this causes a high voice in children. The period of growth of the vocal cords refers to 13-14 years, when changes in the hormonal background occur.

During this period, the vocal cords become longer and thicker, the vocal apparatus is rebuilt, the sound reproduction mechanism becomes similar to the operation of the vocal apparatus in adults. In a teenager, the entire fold begins to vibrate, and voice waves can go in a vertical or horizontal direction, which leads to the appearance of a deeper and more saturated sound.

It’s impossible to tell exactly the age of the child at which the voice changes occur, since this depends on individual characteristics, as well as on certain living conditions. In some, the breaking of the voice begins quite early, in others it can be delayed for certain reasons.

Late breaking of the voice can become a serious basis for psychological experiences and complexes for the boy.

Voice Mutation Period

When vocal changes occur, it is important that the vocal cords are at maximum rest. Ligament loads: singing, chanting, screaming - can cause overstrain of the vocal apparatus, the formation of nodules that make the voice hoarse and ugly.

During this period, one should be attentive to the child’s health and lifestyle, the more attention will be paid to these issues, the more rapid and painless the process of physiological changes will be.

At the same time, it is necessary to understand and explain to the child that his voice primarily depends on his natural characteristics. You can not make your voice lower or higher, melodic, if there is no natural data for this.

Why hoarseness is attractive

Someone's voice with hoarseness in men attracts with its sexuality and seems like a treasured key to a woman’s heart.

For some women, hoarseness is attractive.

To someone, a voice with hoarseness adds reliability, severity and creates a sort of brutal image that you want to imitate.

And then the obsessive idea “how to make a hoarse voice” haunts.

Exercises for the vocal cords:

  • Pull the letter "a" first with your usual voice for about 10 minutes, then every day you need to lower the tone of your voice - pull the letter smoothly and for a long time.
  • Low vibration of the vocal apparatus with the letter "g". Tilt your head so that the chin is as close to the chest as possible and buzz.
  • Singing vowels. Performing this exercise, it is necessary to sing each vowel letter for 10 seconds in a normal voice, then once again sing a half tone lower, then again - again reducing the tone.

The period of breaking the voice for a boy is very difficult and important. You need to get used to the new voice both yourself and others. Therefore, the task of an adult at this stage is to help the child respond correctly to changes and not be complex about the features of the sound of the voice.

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Tips that are better not to follow

There are such ways to make your voice hoarse:

  1. Start smoking. And if you are already a smoker with experience, then increase the number of cigarettes smoked to a pack per day. The fact is that under the influence of nicotine and resins the vocal cords lose their elasticity, become coarse and smoky. And the expected result is just around the corner.
  2. Drink to make a hoarse voice. Alcohol acts in approximately the same vein. The voice is becoming not only smoky, but also drunk.
  3. Catch a cold. A sore throat will give you the treasured hoarseness in your voice. And no inhalations! What for? It is so simple to do this at home, after drinking ice-cold liquid, whether it is water or milk, or after eating ice cubes from the freezer.
  4. Orient to add hoarseness to the voice. Long, half an hour, at least. Better at a height unusual for your voice. But it is possible on one’s own, there is just strength. For this, solitude in nature, a football match at the stadium or a rock concert are suitable. The resulting load on the vocal cords will do the trick and help make the voice hoarse quickly.
  5. Speak in a whisper and cry out loud. These actions contribute to overstrain of the ligaments. So you can achieve a hoarse voice.
  6. Drink less fluid to get dehydrated. With a dry mouth, you will definitely begin to speak in a hoarse voice.
  7. Eat spicy food. Chili pepper with every meal is what you need. Irritation in the throat and at the same time the solution to the problem “how to make the voice hoarse” are provided to you.
  8. A surgeon's knife will help to make a hoarse voice quickly. Modern medicine can do this and fulfill your cherished dream. Is it only worth it?

After such advice, I would like to lose my voice hoarse forever. Health is more expensive, isn't it? Destroying oneself has not yet benefited anyone.

Good advice and exercises

It is better to start working with your voice gradually, making it lower first, and then giving it the desired shade. In this case, it is not necessary to destroy your health.

The following exercises and tips will help make your voice hoarse forever:

  1. Take the lingering “and-and”, make sure that its sound comes from the chest, not from the throat.
  2. Master the breathing technique in which the abdominal muscles and diaphragm are involved in breathing. This will deepen your breathing and give strength to your voice.
  3. Read the text in different tones: first with your usual voice, then a tone lower, then lower even until you feel uncomfortable. This helps to strengthen the ligaments and get out of the usual range of sound.
  4. A low tone is formed if the chin is lowered to the chest. Try in this position to pull the “and-and-and” sound, slowly raising your head and keeping the tone taken.
  5. Circular movements of the head will strengthen the neck muscles, which is important for deep low sound.
  6. Watch your posture. A straight back and a healthy spine create conditions for free movement of the diaphragm and productive lung function.
  7. Sing low notes as often as possible, talk slowly to give weight to your tone.
  8. With the help of special vocal techniques you can make your voice coarse and hoarse. One of them is called growling, when sound effects are added to the singing without the participation of the vocal cords, and then a kind of growl is created. As a result of the second reception, screaming, a high wheezing scream is obtained.

Make a hoarse voice forever help appeal to a specialist in vocals. In this case, you will be provided with professional assistance in its formulation, adjusted to the desired range, taking into account individual data.

How to make a voice hoarse girl? Very simple. All of the above applies to the fair sex. Therefore, if you like the girl’s voice with a hoarse voice, and you are puzzled by how quickly she can do this forever, then the article will be useful for you.

Popular and famous hoarse voices

The girl’s desire to make a hoarse voice is understandable, if you turn your eyes to music performers with this sound.

Here is a selection of Russian and foreign singers with a low hoarse voice:

1. Russian singer Olga Kormukhina

2. English rock singer Bonnie Tyler

3. Singer Frenchwoman ZAZ

4. American singer Nina Simone

Singer from the United Kingdom Bonnie Tyler suffered a vocal cord disease, which was the cause of the hoarse sound of her voice, thus giving the world popularity to its owner.

Songs in a hoarse male voice are no less popular. Among the singers with a hoarse sound, I would like to especially note the American Negro singer Charlie Armstrong, the grandson of the legendary jazz musician Louis Armstrong:

Among the singers with a hoarse voice, our compatriots Vladimir Vysotsky, Nikolai Noskov, Grigory Leps:

Reasons for Voice Changes

Why does the voice become hoarse? This happens when the vocal cords are deformed.

But it’s one thing when you are healthy and you have understandable reasons for changing it. Another is when hoarseness appears, but you don’t want it at all.

There are a number of reasons why a voice has become hoarse:

  1. Inflammatory processes of the larynx. As a result of concomitant edema, hoarseness appears.
  2. The effects of chemical poisoning. Dry throat, perspiration, cough, wheezing are observed.
  3. Allergy. Along with hoarseness, breathing is difficult, which is the reason for immediate medical attention.
  4. Violation of metabolic processes, in particular, the state of the thyroid gland. This factor can also cause hoarseness.
  5. Ligament overstrain. When speaking to a large audience, hoarseness may appear and the voice may “sit down”.
  6. Burns. Ligaments can be damaged with acetic acid or ethyl alcohol. If this is exacerbated by the appearance of scars, then hoarseness will remain with you forever.
  7. Injuries When foreign objects are removed from the respiratory tract as a result of certain medical manipulations, hoarseness appears.
  8. Damage to the nerves of the larynx, tumors, vascular pathologies also have a negative effect on the vocal cords.

Husky may appear in a child.

Why does the child have a hoarse voice and what to do if this happens?

If the child wheezes and coughs, then the reasons may be the same as in an adult.

There are some features:

  1. Strong long cry. He overexerts the ligaments and spoils the voice. It is necessary to take measures to make the baby calmer.
  2. Restructuring of the body in puberty in boys. The vocal cords increase in volume, hoarseness appears. If this process is delayed, then the next steps are determined by the doctor.
  3. Laryngeal edema resulting from an allergen or infection. In this case, an emergency ambulance is needed. The fact is that in children the airways are narrow, and asphyxia develops rapidly.

In each case, it diagnoses the cause of hoarseness and the doctor prescribes treatment.


Now you know for what reasons beyond your control you can start to wheeze and what to do to make your voice hoarse on your own.

If you want to be like someone, then changing your voice, you lose your personality and become, at best, number two. It is better to be the first, and if you need to work hard to get what you want, go for it!