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Activation of the card “easy to give”


If you have a universal card “Give Easy” of any value

If you became a happy owner of a set of services "Emotion as a gift"

If you have a Visa / MasterCard bank gift card, you can activate it by clicking on the button below

We activate the cards "Giving easy"

For a gift to always be relevant, you need to approach its choice not only creatively, but also taking into account the preferences of the person presented. A win-win gift option is the “Give it easy” certificate - you can activate the card and use the funds available on it without any conditions or restrictions.

What is activation and why is it necessary

The gift certificate "Giving easy" has a lot of distinguishing features from the usual, familiar to many similar products intended for
use in a particular store. One of the main differences of the product offered by mygiftcard ru is the activation of the card “Easy to give” - the procedure, without
which you will not be able to use the received gift.

The peculiarity lies in the fact that before activating the Visa or Mastercard “Easy to give” card, it will not be possible to use the funds available on it. This procedure does not involve any difficulties and is described in detail in the instructions attached to each gift certificate.

Activation steps

Go to mygift ru and activate the card “Giving easy” should be directly to the person to whom it was presented. This is explained by the need to enter a special code, which can be found out only after opening the package, which is not entirely correct in case of further delivery of the acquired certificate to the hero of the occasion. Activation of the card “Easy to give” Mastercard and Visa passes exactly the same and can be done in two ways:

  1. Carrying out the activation of the “Easy to give” card on the official website of mygiftcard,
  2. Activation via SMS.

Since the end result is the same - the ability to use a card - everyone can choose their activation method at their discretion.

Activation on the site


“Easy to give” can be activated on the site in a few clicks:

  • Log in to,
  • Select the “Activation” tab,
  • Enter 15 digits that are under the protective coating on the front of the certificate,
  • In the appropriate field, indicate your current phone number,
  • Take the Anti-Robot check,
  • Check "I’ve read the terms of service",
  • Click the “Activate” button.

This completes the activation - the card can be used for its intended purpose.

SMS Activation


You can easily activate a card to give a visa or Mastercard by simply sending an SMS to 9116. If SMS is not sent, you may have activated a corporate tariff, where sending SMS to short numbers is blocked. In this case, activate the card and check the cash balance on the site.

The rest is simple:

  • In the text of the message it is necessary to indicate 15 digits of the code on the front side of the certificate, without spaces or extra characters (for this you need to remove the protective coating),
  • In response, you will receive a message with the terms of the contract, which you should read carefully,
  • In the absence of objections, the word “YES” should be sent in response,
  • After receiving a message about signing the contract and activation, the card is ready for use.

There is no universal answer to the question of how to activate the “Give easy" card better, since each holder determines the degree of convenience for himself! “Giving is easy” and activating is easy.

Everyone can cope with this task, regardless of his level of computer skills and other nuances. And if you have questions, you can always clarify the necessary points in the instructions or write in support.

Card lock

In case of loss, the card should be immediately blocked. To block the card, you need to send an SMS message to a short number 9116 with the theme "Lock Xxx"Where Xxx - the last 4 digits of the 16-digit card number located on its front side.