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How to visually reduce large breasts


Volumetric breasts are pride for their mistress. Men often pay attention to such girls, and the women around them look with undisguised envy. But there are situations when a large breast becomes the cause of some diseases and simply prevents a woman from living normally. In the article, we will analyze in which cases it is necessary to reduce the size of the breast, and also describe how to do this with the help of physical exercises, diet and other methods.

Causes of Breast Reduction

We list the reasons that make women think about breast reduction:

  • It’s quite difficult to find comfortable underwear.
  • Stretch marks, greatly worsening the appearance of the chest.
  • Problems at night: it is inconvenient to fall asleep on one side.
  • Overstrain of the back muscles, causing pain.
  • It is difficult to engage in active sports.
  • Irritation of the skin under the breast.
  • Pulling the shoulders forward leading to stoop.
  • Gradual "sagging" worsening the figure of a woman.

Features of the structure of the female breast

The main functions of the female breast are the production of milk and feeding the baby. Therefore, its main part is the mammary gland. This body consists of shares located on the principle of a bunch of grapes. The form of the thoracic region is supported by Cooper’s ligaments - thin connective fibers, the weakening of which leads to sagging with age. Around the gland are fat deposits, so every woman who loses weight greatly loses her bust.

How to visually reduce breasts

Some busty women wear minimizer bras. Such underwear slightly reduces the volume of the breast and distributes the load more evenly. But often when wearing such bras, the shape of the chest area worsens. We suggest considering small tricks when choosing clothes that visually reduce your chest:

  • Narrow V-neck. Such an element of clothing creates an “optical illusion”. Attention is distracted from the voluminous chest and goes to the neck and shoulder girdle.
  • Clothes on a figure. Do not try to hide the voluminous chest with baggy clothes. Choose things according to the figure that do not sit too tight, but do not hang out.
  • Tunic shirts. Try on long shirts with the bottom edge reaching your hips. Such clothes will allow you to divert attention from the upper body.
  • Combine a dark top with a light bottom. Shirts, topics, t-shirts, blouses in black or navy blue hide the shadows, which allows you to adjust the large chest.

Breast reduction through weight loss and sports

To reduce breast volume, it is first necessary to do weight loss. Aerobic workouts are best suited for this. Running, cycling, cardiovascular exercises, Nordic walking, outdoor games (volleyball, tennis, etc.) - all these disciplines involve a large number of muscles and contribute to increased calorie expenditure. Do aerobic training 3-4 times a week for 45-60 minutes. Training less than 30-40 minutes is ineffective.

In this situation, we recommend walking in the fresh air every evening for 30-40 minutes. In addition, for walking, get high-quality running sneakers with maximum cushioning and good support for the ankle.

If you can’t lose weight as a result of physical exertion, then you can reduce a large breast with surgery. In addition, the surgical method is also recommended in the following cases:

  • The development of diseases of the spine due to a large bust.
  • Psychological rejection of the patient.
  • Physical discomfort or regular pain.
  • Congenital pathology - too large mammary glands.
  • Asymmetric breast development.
  • Restoring shape after childbirth and lactation.

The operation - reduction mammoplasty - allows you to reduce the size of the breast to the values ​​desired by the patient. The essence of the procedure is to remove excess breast tissue, as well as subcutaneous fat. In addition, the nipple-areolar complex is lifted to make the bust fit.

To remove unnecessary tissue, the surgeon makes several incisions.

Full recovery and healing takes 4-5 months.

Push-ups (3x12)

  1. Take an emphasis lying down and lower your knees to the floor.
  2. Bend your legs, let the legs be in weight.
  3. Place your palms a little wider than the shoulder joints.
  4. Inhale and gently lower your chest to the floor.
  5. Extend your arms as you exhale.

When doing this, ensure that the hips and body remain in line.

“Butterfly” standing (3x12)

  1. Stand upright and grasp the grip of the expander.
  2. Throw the shock absorber on your back and straighten your arms to the sides.
  3. Exhale and slowly lower the handles in front of you.
  4. Hold for 1-2 seconds, then, breathing in, gently spread the limbs to their original position.

Dumbbell Bench Press (3x12)

  1. Build an impromptu gymnastic bench with three stools in a row and lay your back on them.
  2. Press the feet to the floor.
  3. Take the dumbbells and lift them above the pectoral muscles.
  4. As you inhale, slowly lower your elbows below your body line.
  5. Hold for 1-2 seconds, then exhaling, gently squeeze the dumbbells to their original position above the chest.

Pullover (3x12)

  1. Lie with your back on a “bench” of chairs so that your head is at the very edge, but not hanging down.
  2. Take the dumbbell with your hands at the ends and lift your forehead.
  3. Bend your back and spread your chest, but do not tear off the shoulder blades.
  4. Inhale and slowly lower the projectile behind your head.
  5. At the bottom point, pause for 1-2 seconds, then, exhaling, return the dumbbell to its original position.

Training Recommendations

We list the main points that should be paid attention to full-breasted girls:

  • Use a special sports bra.
  • Combine home exercise and outdoor aerobic exercise.
  • Provide access to fresh oxygen if you exercise at home.
  • Exercise your back muscles.
  • Sign up for yoga or Pilates. This will help strengthen the ligaments of the body.

Nutrition recommendations

In order for a woman to reduce breasts at home, she needs to completely review the diet. We offer nutritionist recommendations that promote weight loss:

  • Reduce your daily calorie intake by 300-400 kcal.
  • Refuse sweet, floury, excessively fatty foods.
  • Reduce the salt content in the finished dishes.
  • Eat healthy vegetable fats, nuts.
  • Replace potato side dishes with vegetable salads.
  • Instead of white bread, buy low-calorie cereal bread.
  • Refuse sausages and ham, eat natural meat, fish, poultry.

For quick weight loss, doctors advise eating fractionally - 4-6 times a day in small portions. In addition, you must adhere to a certain combination of nutrients in the menu: proteins - 35%, fats - 20%, carbohydrates - 45%.

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For me (more precisely - for me) most of the tips do not work:

Turtlenecks and other outfits with a high neck / collar are bad.
I prefer thin horizontal stripes to vertical stripes, because the vertical stripes in the chest area cease to be vertical, but bend in an arc (in the shape of the chest), which only emphasizes the bulge.
One shoulder is open - it is unrealistic due to the lack of a bra without straps, in general, something with open shoulders looks bad, and if the thin straps of a summer sarafan / T-shirt - like in a combination / nightie, it looks very ugly. I prefer covered shoulders, and even the sleeve length is not always successful.
What else was there? Waist under the chest (inflated) - excess attraction to the chest. When the waist in clothes is in place, the transition is smooth, and here it either comes out very tight so that the waist does not get lost (which means there is a lot of emphasis on the chest), or a looser cut, but then the waist is lost, and I personally turn into a curbstone.

My size 75H, however, in the last try-in in the mage for pompous breasts, I was pleased that not the 8th, but the 10th I had a J Cup or something. And this is with my 159cm and 60kg
And all sorts of body and bustier are usually sewn up to 4-5th.

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I just recently started watching the series just because I was advised to look at the busty Hendrix (more precisely, her outfits). Look. I don’t really like that in some outfits her breasts are widely “apart”.
It turns out that not only is the chest available, but also due to such underwear, the width in the upper body is added. Well, this is IMHO. When I was measuring expensive underwear of the same brand, it sat on me, but this "in different directions" added to my width - I didn’t like it, I didn’t take it.

And Christina is gorgeous here (like no bells and whistles, but everything looks so cool: dress style, color, hair color and hairstyle)

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I found another article on this topic:
How to choose clothes if you have big breasts
advice from Julia Bolshakova

Dear readers, among your questions the same phrase is often found: "I have big breasts." For me, living in the Western Hemisphere, where big breasts became the second fetish after feminism, it was a bit of a surprise to make sure that a sufficiently large number of Russians consider this a drawback, or at least a feature of a figure to be reckoned with when choosing clothes.

For a large part of humanity, large breasts do not seem to be a problem, moreover - it is considered a great virtue and a sexual beacon. The number of breast augmentation surgeries is hundreds of times greater than the number of breast augmentation surgeries. Although it is no secret to anyone that a massive bust can cause various inconveniences and even pains in the back and legs.

Why can a large bust be an aesthetic problem?
Firstly, it may give the impression of unwanted completeness. Secondly, a large chest makes the waist weak, especially in women of small stature. Thirdly, psychologically large breasts are associated with sexuality, good nature, gentleness, which is undesirable for women working in jobs where it is necessary to give the impression of authority, rigor and competence. How to get around these negative aspects and make big breasts an absolute and indisputable plus of your figure?

Bra selection
Let me start with an intimate moment: choosing a bra. I think it’s not a secret for you that poorly selected underwear can distort the impression of the entire ensemble of clothes and the figure as a whole. You need to precisely choose your size - one, style - two, the length of the straps - three. A bra should be comfortable at the same time and play on your appearance, one does not contradict one another.

What should I take care of when choosing a size and style? Firstly, the bra should not crash anywhere, create folds under the armpits and across the chest. Second: did you notice that the cups of the same labeling are different on different volumes - for example, 38 C cups can already be flatter than 40 C? Therefore, trying on a bra, try not only the girth and size that you think is your own, but also the neighboring ones. For example, if you are in 38-C, try also to measure 36-D and 40-C and B, do not spare time for trying on. Not all cut styles fit all women, you need to find your own, and for this - measure as many different ones as possible.

How to choose clothes for women with large breasts
Choose models with wide straps. A model is very suitable for you, where the strap moves smoothly into the part passing under the chest. When choosing the length of the straps, do not let the chest sag longer than it should, but do not tighten so that you are uncomfortable. According to the classical canons that artists use to draw a human figure, the distance from the chin to the chest line is equal to the height of the head. Of course, in reality it depends heavily on the build-up, shoulder height, neck length and other things, but this measurement will give you a guide: where your nipples should be located approximately. If you let the bust sag, your waist will “magically” disappear.

A beautiful neckline is your strong point
How deep should the neckline be in clothes? Wear jackets either unfastened or zipped, but never unzipped to the middle. The top button of jackets, jackets and cardigans should always be above the chest line or significantly lower in order to visually transfer the emphasis from the chest to the waist.
How to choose clothes for women with large breasts
Suitable clothes for women with large breasts: a plain dress and an unbuttoned jacket.
Plain clothes (especially the dress) visually stretches the figure, making the figure slimmer. And the unbuttoned jacket creates a vertical line, but it does not fit tightly around the bust, which is good. A contrasting blouse will be a great addition to such a jacket.

One-button jackets never fasten!
What happens if, for example, you fasten a jacket with one button at the waist? The floors spread on the chest, outlining its shapes, the cut line breaks, emphasizing and exaggerating the bust protrusion, it seems that the chest is "falling out" into the neckline, and this visually enlarges it.

The vertical lines on tight-fitting things, especially knitted ones, are an unfortunate choice - tightening the chest, they bend, accentuating it and making it even more massive. It is better to give preference to plain blouses without unnecessary details. Perhaps the only win-win vertical is the clasp, if it is located in the center - this vertical can and should be used to visually stretch your figure and "add" to your height: after all, any size is estimated in comparison with a different size: the higher you look, the your volumes seem smaller.

How to choose clothes for women with large breasts

A perfect option for women with magnificent breasts - a plain shirt. There should be many shirts in your wardrobe, different styles and styles. But on vacation, never tuck your shirt or blouse into jeans; wear them for graduation.

What colors and patterns are preferred for large-breasted women?
There is a strong belief that any horizontal stripes expand the silhouette and visually increase. This is not entirely true. Separate bright horizontals, indeed, visually expand the place in which they fall. And so one wide bright stripe across the chest, indeed, will make you wider. But a frequent shallow contrasting strip has the exact opposite effect: the eye, running through it from top to bottom and from bottom to top, like a ladder, gets tired, from which the “viewed” distance seems larger. Therefore, a frequent horizontal strip stretches you in length.

Feel free to wear tops in a shallow contrasting horizontal strip - you will appear taller. In addition, a contrasting small pattern visually breaks up the monolithic bulges, and smooths the contrast of volumes. For the same reason, any styles that have small folds and pinches on the chest, draped smell and assembly, a rhythmic, contrasting fabric pattern will suit you. Most of all, your breasts will stand out in smooth tight monophonic things.

In clothes for work, especially if you occupy a position that requires rigor and accuracy, you should prefer neutral, muted, dark colors - these are the ones that give the impression of business-mindedness, objectivity and authority. The most “courageous" picture is the same strip that speaks of energy and dynamism. A great option for you: a wide open jacket under which a plain shirt is worn. It is better to choose a skirt to match the blouse to visually make the figure slimmer and taller. Suit fabrics should be dense and opaque, more smooth than textured, and keep their shape well.

On the contrary, warm, soft, pastel colors, subtle romantic style, floral or non-contrast abstract pattern, combined with your feminine figure with soft outlines will give you the look of a very benevolent, “home”, warm, which can be good if you, for example , work with children or you need to arouse a sense of calm, trust, openness among clients.

Jewelry and hairstyles
Do not forget also about the strategy of distracting attention from problem areas: catchy jewelry on the neck, scarves, contrasting collars are suitable for you. Avoid unfavorable contrasts: first of all, with the size of the head and the width of the shoulders. Full-breasted women fit lush fashionable hairstyles and large hats, and if you have narrow and sloping shoulders - wide cutouts, coquette on the shoulders, carriers, turn-down collars.

Dress fashionably and stylishly.
Be beautiful!