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Tip 1: How to Relieve Leg Cramps


Now the presence of seizures in the lower extremities complains a lot of people in the world. Seizures are capable of affecting older and older people; their legs often reduce, especially at night, in young people.

Health should not be neglected if leg cramps occur at night. The phenomenon is fraught with severe pain, it becomes a signal of trouble in the body. First of all, you need to find out the causes of the manifestation, then take care of the vessels of the lower extremities and the heart. The pathological manifestation is due to a variety of reasons, various methods of first aid and treatment are recommended. The article describes in detail how to help the patient, what to do with cramps in the lower extremities.

What happens with leg muscle cramps

If a convulsive contraction develops, reduces the lower limb, the muscle is severely spasmodic, unable to relax for a short time. A person experiences unbearable pain at this moment, is not able to move his spasmodic limb. Often cramps occur at night in a dream. When the legs are reduced, the muscle becomes very tense, blood stops flowing, oxygen starvation develops, which intensifies painful sensations. As a result, a vicious cycle develops. It is required to provide first aid to the victim in a short time, breaking the painful chain.

A common and common cause of leg cramps is a sharp hypothermia (if a person bathes in cold water), a sudden impulsive movement after muscle relaxation, mainly at night. Other causes of leg information are overwork, a sharp increase in body temperature. In addition to physiological causes, convulsions are caused by a number of diseases, occur in the pathology of the heart, blood vessels, endocrine system.

Giving the patient the right posture

If the patient began to complain of the development of a cramp, the reduction of muscle in the lower limb, the victim must be laid on a flat horizontal surface or sit down. It is recommended in cases when it comes to damage to the calf muscles or muscles of the foot. A simple tool will allow you to remove excess tension from the muscle, and provide the necessary help faster.

Muscle unlocking

After the victim takes a comfortable horizontal position, an attempt to relieve muscle tension will be required. A number of manual techniques have been developed.

  1. Take the patient by the foot in the area of ​​the fingers, press on them with your hand so that the fingers straighten towards the body of the victim. At the same time, the muscles of the calf, cramped, are maximally tensed. The patient will have painful sensations, after a short time the pain will quickly calm down.
  2. The patient is able to provide self-help in this way. You will need to sit with your legs horizontal. With fingers of both hands, grasp the fingers of the sore foot, pull strongly towards you. With the described method, the pain passes quickly - in the calves and foot area, if the action is done correctly.
  3. Athletes often use a proven method to relieve cramps in their lower limbs. Take a sharp object and sharply prick in the skin at the site of a developing cramp. A suitable item for manipulation would be a pin or needle.
  4. If the previous methods do not work, the leg is pulled, or it is not possible to apply actions, it is recommended to thoroughly stretch the spasmodic muscles.

Massage the affected area

When the patient has released his leg, it is shown to carefully massage the leg muscles. This will relax the limb, relieve stress.

To start the massage, it is useful to make simple strokes, actively rub the skin. The massage ends with an intensive kneading of the muscle. At the end of the session, be sure to do stroking. This will lead to calming the muscle and relaxation, eliminating the pathological tone.

Creating absolute peace

After removing the attack of convulsive contractions, the patient is required to rest. A person comes to himself from intense pain, the muscles of the leg and body rest and relax.

After some time, the patient begins to have severe aching pain in the place where convulsive contractions of the leg muscles were noted. The pain is reminiscent in nature of the sensations that arise in athletes after training. The appearance is due to the release of large quantities of lactic acid in the muscles, which, when excreted during muscle contractions, irritates the receptors, contributes to the appearance of pain.


Lotions of gauze or a napkin dipped in infusions, decoctions of medicinal preparations are made on the damaged area on the legs. Herbal composition is allowed:

  • Red clover flowers.
  • Calendula officinalis flowers.
  • The leaves of rhubarb and its stems.
  • Yellow clover.

The ingredients are taken in equal proportions. A tablespoon of the vegetable mixture is selected, infused in boiling water in a water bath. Then remove the resulting mixture from the heat, leave to stand for an hour. After insisting, strain the broth using gauze. A gauze or cotton napkin is lowered into the resulting infusion, slightly wrung out and applied to the sore spot on the legs. It is required to treat a seizure attack within a few weeks.

Alcohol tincture

If an attack of convulsions in the muscles of the lower extremity often develops at night, an alcoholic tincture of tansy flowers will become an effective folk remedy. They make vodka.

Pour 0.5 g of vodka into 100 g of dried and ground raw materials, leave to infuse for seven days. Then treat the patient with bouts of seizures in the lower extremities. For therapeutic purposes, at night before bedtime, the legs and feet are rubbed with a solution.

How to prevent seizures

To prevent an attack of seizures in the lower extremities at night, it is shown to carefully monitor the water and electrolyte balance in the body. The rules should be followed:

  1. Drink plenty of fluids daily. If there are no contraindications for health reasons, you need to drink water up to 2 liters per day. Remember, carbonated drinks and liquids with caffeine are not taken into account, they can worsen the situation, causing body cramps.
  2. If possible, diuretics should be avoided. If it is recommended to be taken for medical reasons, the attending physician prescribes in the complex medications rich in potassium and magnesium, which restore the water-electrolyte balance in the body tissues, and the skeletal muscle tone is relaxed and normalized.
  3. Carbonated drinks with an excess of carbon dioxide and sugar contribute to the excretion of calcium from the body, causing a greater risk of seizures at night. It should limit the use of juices with pulp, the fiber contained in the composition promotes tissue dehydration, provoking a new attack.
  4. Alcohol, with a tendency to cramp, exacerbates the situation, especially in hot weather. Intensive dehydration of the body occurs, convulsions develop not only in the lower extremities, seizures of the whole body occur by convulsions.

Exercise control

The amount of physical activity with a tendency to convulsive syndrome at night is recommended to be moderate. Overfatigue negatively affects the work of the vessels of the body, spastic painful muscle contractions develop. Constantly wearing high-heeled shoes is harmful.

For preventive purposes, you need to regularly perform small physical training complexes for the legs. It is permissible to use hiking, small runs, aerobic gymnastics for the lower extremities. Avoid swimming in excessively cold water - in open ponds and pools. Cold can trigger seizures.

A good prophylactic will be a daily light massage of places where night cramps are common, correctly first do light stroking and rubbing the muscles. To eliminate the spasm, it will be necessary to deeply and intensively wash the areas located above the spasticity site, then massage the affected area directly with light movements.

In the mornings and evenings it is good to have a warm shower.

Metabolic control

It is necessary to ensure that the body maintains a sufficient content of important minerals and vitamins, especially calcium and magnesium. The abundance of potassium and magnesium contains dried fruits, dried apricots, raisins, bananas, apples. Fermented milk products are rich in calcium.

It is shown to take care of the presence of food products that reduce peripheral vascular resistance and prevent the appearance of seizures at night.

Be sure to control blood glucose, especially for people suffering from metabolic disorders and diabetes. To eliminate the cause of seizures, it is recommended to treat the main diseases - heart pathologies, metabolic disorders.

How to relieve cramp pain

Such a phenomenon as convulsions can be a sign of a disease, as well as a consequence of a lack of certain vitamins, trace elements in the body. You can quickly reduce the discomfort from cramps of the toes if you stand on a cool surface or attach some cold object to your fingers. At home, you can dip your feet in a container of cool water. After 1-2 minutes, you should lie down with slightly raised legs. Due to the cold and the outflow of blood from the toes, the pain should be significantly reduced.

You can reduce cramps if you energetically massage your toes, pull them towards yourself. Sometimes tweaks or superficial injections with sharp objects help - for example, with a needle (of course, disinfected). It is necessary to increase the share of such foods as cottage cheese, vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, honey in your diet.

To reduce seizures, you need to use 2-3 teaspoons of a mixture of finely chopped walnuts with liquid honey daily.

Toes are often caused by wearing tight, uncomfortable shoes. This is especially true for women who love stilettos. And if such a fashionista is still forced to stand on her feet for a long time, the likelihood of seizures will increase many times. Therefore, such shoes (even very beautiful, elegant) should be abandoned in favor of more comfortable shoes that reduce the load on the legs.

Finally, overweight can be the cause of cramps in the toes. Then you need to take all measures to get rid of extra pounds. In any case, it will benefit health.

What diseases can cause cramps in the toes?

Convulsions, accompanied by numbness and pain in the toes, are symptoms of diseases such as flat feet, arthrosis of the feet, arthritis of the joints of the fingers. In addition, such convulsions can be caused by varicose veins of the lower extremities, impaired blood supply to the toes, and various infectious diseases.

In the most severe cases, cramps in the toes are one of the symptoms of body poisoning.

Only a doctor can make the correct diagnosis and choose the most effective treatment. Therefore, you need to seek medical help, and not self-medicate. Remember that you can get rid of seizures, following the instructions of the doctor. Hope for traditional medicine is not worth it.