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How to make a clove of paper with your own hands


Spring, spring! It's just beauty on the street! And what about the weather? I think that it is not always warm everywhere, but due to the fact that the day has become longer and brighter, the mood should all be spring, and not winter.

Therefore, today I propose to forget about the snow and snowstorms, and to raise our mood with the most real colors, which we will try to do with our own hands. Last time we learned to make tulips and roses, and now we will create carnations.

In this post, I propose to make out the techniques for making paper buds. In this case, we will most often use corrugated paper. Since, thanks to its structure, the flowers are obtained as if they were alive.

I also want to note that crafts will be of different difficulty levels. And simple, with which the smallest children will cope, and complex, where the help of adults is needed.

Well, do not forget that I myself do not master everything, but take materials from free Internet access свободного.

DIY carnations for children. Step-by-step workshops

I want to remind you that this type of flower is quite restrained and strict. Therefore, carnations are most often present at events dedicated to the end of hostilities. We place them at the monuments, hand them to veterans, or sometimes give them to men.

Artificial flowers (in our case, paper) will complement the themed interior, help create beautiful postcards and panels.

Now I will show you simple ways to create such “vegetation” for children.

You will need:

  • colored paper of red and green colors,
  • ruler (preferably with circles),
  • glue,
  • scissors,
  • thin wire
  • Styrofoam,
  • tweezers.

Manufacturing process:

1. Cut out more identical flowers from 6 petals from red paper. Pierce each flower in the middle with a needle.

2. Next, roll each flower three times in half to make a petal.

3. Put the resulting petals on a damp cloth.

4. As soon as the paper itself becomes wet, then each petal fold "accordion", and then unfold.

5. Cut the required length of wire for the stalk. Put a foam ball on one end of the wire and fix it with glue.

6. Now you need to put our petals on the stalk, and pass them through the circle in the ruler.

7. Next, fluff the bud. You can use green paper to decorate the stalk and leaves, or cut off the wire and get only a bud, which can be decorated with a panel or a postcard.

The following is an option for making a strict flower from corrugated paper.

You will need:

  • corrugated paper (red, green)
  • skewers
  • ribbon,
  • glue, scissors,
  • wire.

Manufacturing process:

1. For one bud you need 4 sheets of red paper measuring 10 by 10 cm.

2. Fold each square in half and again in half.

3. This way you should get a 5 by 5 cm square. Fold it diagonally. And lift up the bottom edge.

4. The part that protrudes is cut to get a triangle.

5. Unscrew the triangle by one fold and cut out the notches as shown in the photo.

6. Expand the workpiece almost to the very middle and make incisions along the folds.

Do the same with all 4 red squares.

7. Cut a piece of red paper, about 3 by 5 cm, and glue it onto the skewer, forming a core.

8. Then make punctures in the center of each blank of red squares. Pass the leaves one by one, fix them with glue, not forgetting to form a bud.

9. Wrap the skewer with a ribbon for floristry.

10. Cut green leaves from green paper and wrap them in pieces of wire.

11. Fix a wire with a leaf on a stalk.

Photos taken from the site

That's all. Believe me, it is very simple!

And cloves can be made from ordinary napkins.

Fold the napkin with a fan and fasten it in the middle with a strip from another napkin. Lift the napkin layers and bend them to form a bud. Glue some elements if necessary.

Or fold the napkin and secure the center with a stapler. Cut a circle. And then make cuts around the entire circumference. Lift them up and your bud is completely ready.

Do not forget about the flat options (application) and issue postcards with such products. To do this, you only need templates, well, or the ability to draw well. Or you can use the origami technique, also get amazing work.

We’ll talk about this a bit later, but for now we’ll move on.

How to easily make paper cloves for May 9

By far, this flower is most in demand on Victory Day. Well, let's see a couple more ideas for creating strict carnations.

You can and should create not only for children, but also for adults 😀!

It is easy and simple to make a bud as follows according to the photo diagram:

You will need corrugated paper or plain paper. It will need to be cut into strips, make cloves. Then fix the ball on the wire and wrap our carved strip. fluff the bud and arrange the stalk.

You can also try to make a flower out of a large square. It will need to be folded into a triangle, and then deployed so that a lot of stripes appear on the sheet. Then squeeze the center of the square like a folded umbrella. Use your fingers to hold the paper a little farther from the end, but turn out the remaining paper in the opposite direction. Do these steps until the paper runs out.

As a result, you will get a tight bud.

Then fix it on a skewer or on a wire.

Green paper, draw up the stalk and leaves.

And here is a variant of modular origami. You can make a plane craft or still give it volume again and give it as a gift.

This work looks great.

DIY Corrugated Paper Carnations for Beginners

Now I’ll show you a couple of simple ways to create buds from your favorite corrugated paper. The kids will enjoy working with this material, so try collaborative activities.

You will need:

  • red corrugated paper
  • tape tape tape
  • wire,
  • scissors,
  • glue,
  • pencil,
  • ruler.

Manufacturing process:

1. Cut a red strip measuring 20 by 7 cm. Bend the top down 2 cm.

2. Cut off the wire. And fix it on the right side of the strip.

3. Next, cut small denticles along the upper edge of the strip.

4. And then twist the carved strip around the wire.

5. Secure the end of the paper with glue. Fluff the bud a little.

6. Using a teyp tape, make a receptacle and a stalk.

7. Additionally, if desired, cut and glue the petals.

Or here’s another similar option, just make a strip not edged.

Cut the strip again.

Next, bend the upper part.

We fix the skewer or wire.

Well, then we come up with a destination.

Such flowers can be easily made large and decorate the hall, stage.

Video on how to make origami paper carnation

A little higher, I already showed you how to create “vegetation” using the origami technique. Now I want to throw off the possible options, all of a sudden you will come in handy.

Well, who is the guru in this area, for you the following schemes.

Application "Carnation" on a postcard by February 23 or May 9 - a phased master class

And what I promised you at the very beginning. Detailed instructions on how to make a holiday card with carnations.

By the way, you can make any flower according to the methods proposed above, and stick it on a cardboard base. Then just sign the product. And your card will be ready.

For you, the easiest way to create postcards with carnations. Even the smallest child can handle it. This is a torn applique.

You will need:

  • album sheet
  • red color paper
  • glue,
  • felt-tip pens.

Manufacturing process:

1. Take the album sheet and bend it in half. This is the basis.

2. Cut the red paper into strips, and then chop it into pieces.

3. Lubricate the front side of the base with glue in the form of a circle.

4. Glue the torn paper onto an imaginary circle.

5. Felt pens to finish the stalk and petals. And also make the necessary inscription, and write a wish inside.

And now there are ready-made ideas with voluminous and, not only, colors.

Patterns (schemes) for cutting carnations from colored paper for children

Now, I will kindly provide you with templates for cutting flowers. They can also be printed and used as coloring books, and then as decorations for postcards.

Large paper carnations for the stage

And in conclusion, I propose to look at one interesting video by which you quickly, and most importantly, easily make simply huge growth flowers to decorate the scene. If this information is relevant to you, then go ahead to view it.

On this I put a bullet. After all, it is up to you. Take ideas and translate them into reality, well, and do not forget to help your children in such creativity.

01. Corrugated Paper Carnation Flower

What summer is without flowers ?! So we safely take corrugated paper, which can easily be replaced with plain napkins. From such a light and thin material, without problems we get a delicate flower with bright red petals.

In addition to corrugated paper, a half-cardon of green color will come to the rescue. You can’t do without it, because you need to add a stem, receptacle and leaves to the bud.

Necessary materials:

  • red corrugated paper
  • green half card
  • scissors,
  • pencil,
  • glue.

Manufacturing steps:

1. On a green half-card draw an even circle. Cut along the contour and get a template that should be transferred to red corrugated paper. To do this, draw a pencil around the outline of the template five to six times.

2. Cut out all the details along the contour. We get ready-made elements for creating petals.

3. Put all the circles of corrugated paper in a pile.

4. Bend the bottom half in half.

5. Next, you should once again bend all the paper elements in half to either side.

6. Scissors create many incisions along the upper round edge.

7. Open the workpiece once and get a clove bud.

8. Next, you need to take a green half-card from which we cut the stem, leaves and receptacle.

9. Glue the receptacle to the center of the bud of red cloves. Next, attach the stem, and to it - two leaves.

10. All layers of corrugated paper in the bud of cloves should be carefully spread to obtain lush petals.

11. Here you have a cute clove flower made of corrugated paper, where half a cardon was used as an addition.

Such paper flowers have a flat look, so they are ideal for creating some "zest" on the front of the card.

02. DIY red carnation

This variety of carnations can immediately be distinguished from others due to the fact that they have only one large flower on the stem. This is how we learn to make from available material.

Necessary materials for cloves:

  • red corrugated paper
  • tape tape tape
  • wire,
  • scissors,
  • glue,
  • pencil,
  • ruler.

1. To create a carnation bud, you need to take red corrugated paper. Also, this material can be easily replaced with crepe paper or plain plain napkins.

We measure on a strip the dimensions of 20 x 7 cm. Cut out and get a long strip. Bend the top down 2 cm.

2. Cut off a small segment from the floristic wire. Attach one end to the right side of the paper strip. Immediately you can prepare a few more blanks in the form of paper stripes to immediately get a whole bunch of red carnations.

3. Now we will make small denticles along the entire upper edge with small scissors with a sharp end.

4. We begin to twist the red strip around the wire. We create several folds to obtain a volumetric flower.

5. Glue the end of the corrugated paper to the wire with glue. As a result, we get a lush bud of cloves with small cloves.

6. We create a receptacle in the lower part of the craft using a green tape that should tightly wrap the lower part of the red corrugated tape. Next, go to the thin wire.

To give it the necessary texture and color, you should again grab the tape tape. We wrap it tightly over the entire length of the wire. Also, if desired, large leaves can be cut from it to the stem of the flower.

7. As a result, we get a cute carnation flower from corrugated paper for a short period of time. We create in the same way a couple more of these flowers and get a cute bouquet for any holiday.

These flowers are artificial, so they do not need water and careful care. So they will decorate the interior of the room for more than one week, and even more than one month!

03. Easy way to create cloves from corrugated paper

If you want to find out the easiest way to create a blooming clove bud from corrugated paper, then this article is exactly what you need. The resulting flower will be bright if you take a suitable paper, airy, if you use a sufficient number of layers, small or large as you wish. In fact, there is nothing complicated in such a job.

To learn how to make a lush flower, prepare the following materials:

  • corrugated paper - bright or white, pale pink,
  • scissors,
  • cardboard circle template,
  • thin wire or thread with a needle.

How to make cloves with your own hands in stages

Prepare a roll of minimum density corrugated paper. In the process, you need to perform thin layers, crush them, so soft paper is the best choice. Cut the stripes to fit the width depending on what size bud you want to make. Cutting off the desired stripes, you can move along or across the roll, in this case it does not matter.

Fold one or more ribbons in a zigzag fashion so that a square multilayer workpiece is obtained. Our task is to study the easiest way to model a flower, so all layers will be processed immediately together, and not separately. This will save a lot of time.

While holding the folded tape in this position, make 2 holes clearly in the center with a thin wire or needle. Insert the ends of the wire through the holes and twist or sew them with threads.

Thus, you will fasten all layers at once. Glue in this case, too, is not needed. The above mounting method is faster and more reliable.

Attach a cardboard circle template on top, draw with a pencil or immediately on the eye, cut a circle. Even if you get a slightly crumpled edging, it will not cause any difficulties. It is this effect that should be sought.

Make random small cuts along the edge of each circle, moving the scissors about 0.5 cm inward. It is also allowed to make the outer edge wavy.

Now it remains to simulate a flower. Its splendor directly depends on the number of layers used. Starting from the top circle, start lifting each layer up and pushing it with your fingers. Corrugated paper holds its shape well, so it will not straighten after being wrinkled. Gather the middle and continue this operation further.

So gradually process all the layers. Lift one circle up, press down on all sides. Circumferential notches provide a lighter and more plausible design. After processing the last layer, you will see a weightless ball in front of you.

A beautiful clove is ready. Her petals are tender and tremulous, as in a real flower. Make a stalk for it or stick it on paper.