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How to convince to quit smoking: 5 ways


If you care about a friend, family member, or work colleague, try this approach to encourage smokers to become addicted. Here are some suggestions how to convince a person to quit smoking:

1. Sit down with a person and tell him or her that you are worried about his or her health. Ask your friend to quit smoking. Give your friend your reasons and stick to the facts. Be honest and explain to him why it bothers you so much.

2. Ask the person if he wants to quit smoking. There are chances that he will respond positively, but it happens and vice versa. You should not insist - this can only aggravate the situation.

3. Find out the reasons that are the most important incentive to quit and help him research them in more detail.

4. Listen to what's stopping him from quitting. Can you help address these reasons?

5. Offer your help. If a person says that he simply cannot tie, offer your help. Be supportive and affectionate. If a smoker refuses help, say you see how often he smokes, how much he depends on a cigarette. Also pay attention to shortness of breath and coughing. All these are signs of nicotine addiction!

6. Remind a person that whenever he exhales tobacco smoke, someone can also inhale it (secondhand smoke) and that almost half a million passive smokers die every year.

7. Also remind how much money will be saved if he quits smoking.

8. Combine honesty, care, and simple facts and even a shade of guilt to convince a friend or colleague. Remember that you are not here to drop out after 10 minutes, but just let him try.

9. If he agrees, find out how he would like to quit. Smokers usually quit gradually. Suggest useful literature on this issue, nicotine gum or patch.

10. Limit smoking areas. Especially if your husband or wife is the smoker. Force to leave on a platform or in the yard. Whenever finding cigarettes on the couch or on the table - destroy them.

11. Every time a smoker wants to smoke, do something for him. Have a cup of tea, read jokes and so on.

12. Also explain that you are not a nanny, but simply want to help.

13. Always say that you understand how difficult it is to quit and that you see how strong he is. This will help him cope.

14. Do not criticize if your friend broke loose several times. Just talk it over again.
15. After a month of abstinence, think about how to celebrate it and perhaps give a small gift.

16. Talk more often about how proud you are of his victory!

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It is necessary to separate two different actions. The first is the release of tobacco smoke into the lungs. The second is smoking, like inhaling air with the addition of various fumes, including tobacco. This can even be a regular inhalation or a walk along the highway. Making a person change their respirable substance is much easier than completely abandoning addiction.

There are a lot of tips on how to quit smoking, but everyone should come to this on their own, listening to themselves, their heart and mind!

To know how to make parents, friends, acquaintances quit smoking, you need to prepare yourself - be able to explain your concerns to them, be prepared for objections and irony. A positive effect will be when a loved one wants to get rid of a bad habit. As an alternative to a friend, you can offer to give up cigarettes for an argument. You can also actively introduce him to a healthy lifestyle.

As we can see, it’s not so difficult with the proper desire to motivate a person to quit smoking - there are many options for how to make a person quit smoking. Still, he must clearly understand that this is not the case when he voluntarily decides to do harm to himself - he still does this harm to another person whom he loves. And what could be worse than a similar attitude. In a pair you always need to make some compromises. Anyway, even if there is no couple, then this does not negate the fact that smoking is a dangerous habit.