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How to make a staircase in Minecraft and use it


Hello dear visitor of the site! Many novice users are interested in the question of how to create a staircase to Minecraft, so I decided to write detailed instructions on how to make a staircase to Minecraft, and also from this instruction, you will learn how to install a staircase to Minecraft.

And so to craft a staircase to minecraft, you need a workbench and seven sticks.
If you don’t have a workbench in the game or you don’t yet know how to make a workbench in minecraft, then you can see the instructions on how to build a workbench in minecraft.
If you already have a workbench in the game, then you can begin to familiarize yourself with the instructions for creating a ladder in the game.
And so we approach the installed workbench and press the right mouse button once.

Then in the game minecraft opens a workbench menu in which you can create a ladder.
To continue and create a staircase to minecraft, you will need to move the mouse cursor over the sticks and press the left mouse button once, after which we transfer and install the sticks in the first, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and ninth cells.

After you install the sticks in the first, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and ninth cells you will have created a staircase in minecraft.
Now we can install the created ladder to install the ladder in minecraft, you will need to transfer the created ladder to one of the active cells.
For example, I will move the ladder to the fourth active cell.

After you transfer the created ladder to one of the active cells, you will only have to press the English E key, after which you exit the menu of your workbench.

To install a staircase in Minecraft, you will need to activate the staircase by pressing the number on your keyboard in which the staircase is located. In my case, my staircase lies in the active cell four.
After you have activated the ladder, you will need to go to the place where you want to install the ladder and press the right mouse button once.

When you come to the place you need and press the right mouse button once, the ladder will be installed.
In this way, a staircase to minecraft is created and installed.

How useful is the staircase?

Of course, the developer did not bring various cool gizmos into the game, for example, big jumps or the ability to just fly like that, but on the other hand, an ingenious invention, with which life in Minecraft becomes noticeably easier, was added. This applies to homes, and long journeys through the mines, and just ordinary life. Even if he introduced her into the game only after fans of Minecraft convinced him to take this wonderful step.

Knowing the recipe for creating a ladder together with the player’s ingenuity and climbing skill gives a serious result, and this will distinguish an experienced player from a noob. Most likely, you possess ingenuity, while even more than necessary. But let's talk about where the ladder is useful and can be useful in the life of the crater.

  • The house is built, but what to do to get on the roof, finish it and equip everything there? A staircase is the most optimal solution.
  • You have not crawled out of the mine for days, making annual reserves of resources, but the food is running out, and you have even lost the passage of time, and around you are endless paths and passages into the dark. What to do? A staircase is a great solution, and it will help you in this situation.
  • Using a ladder in the same shaft, you can easily create an air sleeve - it is water resistant. This helps, for example, calmly collect resources, otherwise the water will blow you away.
  • In Minecraft Pocket Edition (version for phones and tablets) it can be put on bedrock (thigh). This helps to climb the wall - the boundary of the Minecraft world.

Of course, all the pluses cannot be described, since there are very, very many of them in the vast world of the game. You yourself will encounter them while you explore the map.

Craft stairs

A staircase is made very easily - with only 7 sticks of wood, and you are unlikely to have problems with it. Wood is an easily found material, it can even be broken by hand. Place the material, as in the screenshot, and the ladder will be ready.

To climb the stairs up, you need to hold down the 'S' key, but to get down - it's nothing. Steve (the player’s original name) can go down himself. Sometimes you need to stop on the stairs, for example, to collect resources, just press Shift "


If you need to make a wonderful climb to your home, but do not want to put the usual stairs, which were discussed above, then you can use the stairs. The crafting recipe is proposed in the screenshot below.


After reading this article, you have definitely become more aware of the world of Minecraft. Apply the skills from this article, build beautiful stairs and houses. Also do not forget to comment on this article and share it with your friends. Thanks for your attention!

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