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How to draw a bat in stages


To outline the body, head and wings. The mouse is shown at an angle, so the right wing is slightly longer than the left.

Step 2

Draw the details of the head (the base is indicated by a dash). Carefully draw wings with a double line at the crease.

Step 3

Add a paw and a tail. On the wings, draw thin bones. Shade the body with short dashes.

Step 4

How to draw a bat. Shaded wings with long strokes. Make some areas darker. Draw the clouds and the month.

How to draw a realistic bat in stages

Start with the helper lines. Use HB or F pencil for sketching.

Step 2

Draw the features of the face.

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Your sketch should look something like this. Erase all auxiliary lines that you no longer need.

Step 6

Now take a B or F pencil. Make a contour, but not too dark, you still have to wash it. If you want, you can draw something in the background.

Step 7

Here I drew some mountains using HB and 4B pencils.

Step 8

Now begin to draw facial features. For this I used an F pencil

Step 9

Shade your head. Use F pencil for dark lines and HB for fur.

Step 10

Shade the rest of the body. At this stage, I also started working on the background.

Step 11

I went further and worked on the background. You can use a HB pencil and a shading stick for the sky.

Step 12

Try to work on wings by sector. Start with the outline by taking an F or B pencil.

Step 13

Now for hatching wings, use 3H (or any H pencil) for light bodies, and F pencil for dark shadows.

Step 14

Next, circle the contours of the remaining wings. Also turn over the moon.

Step 15

Shade the rest of the wings.

Step 16

Work a bit on the background, finish the moon and end the sky.

Step 17

Finish the pattern by blending the hatch and adding some final bat details. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, comments and questions are more than welcome!


In this example, we will demonstrate how to draw a bat in stages in five simple steps. This method of drawing is the most vicious, bloodthirsty and most popular. Other examples will not be so creepy, but this one is great for Halloween!

Draw the top of the head with the sharp tips of the ears. In shape, her head may look a bit like a cat's head.

We are working on the face. To make it creepy, the eyes should have the shape of a cut circle in half. Take a look at the picture below and you will understand what we mean. Also, at this stage we will draw a smile from which two sharp teeth will stick out.

The most important feature of this animal is the wings, so try to portray them symmetrically. Draw two rounded lines on one side and the other.

Connect the left and right sides with wavy lines, as in the case of the upper lines, these should also look symmetrical.

Draw the bones and our drawing is ready.

And now we will look at how to draw a bat with a pencil in flight. She's less bloodthirsty than the previous one, but still pretty creepy. So, prepare your pencils, eraser, blank sheet and let's start drawing!

We draw a head with big ears. Then small eyes, under which there will be a rounded strip of nose with two round nostrils. And even lower we will depict a smiling mouth, on this work on the face will be completed.

Wings are made up of bones that mice wave to fly, and thin fabrics that allow them to be in the air. At this stage, we need to depict the paws from which the upper bones grow.

We finish the legs and add two more rows of ossicles from the wings. Everything is quite simple here, most importantly, do not forget about symmetry.

We are working on the torso. Since our bat is at an angle in flight, her body will not be visible completely and it is because of this that it will turn out so short. Short legs will grow below the body.

We connect the bones, trunk and legs and get the finished wings.

Color the resulting picture. I would like to draw your attention to the following, the eyes are a mirror of the soul, and if you want an evil mouse, then you just need to diagonally divide your eyes in half and portray a slightly different mouth. Take a look at the pictures and you will understand everything yourself.

Completely black

In this example, we will show how to draw a black bat for Halloween. If you want the drawing to be perfect, then you need to prepare the following tools: ordinary pencil, black felt-tip pen, ruler and compass. If you don’t have a compass, then you can replace it with any round objects, for example, a jar, plate or mug.

First, we need to pick up a pencil and make a simple sketch. To make the drawing smooth and accurate, use a ruler. It’s hard to describe in words what the sketch should look like, so just look at it in the picture.

Now take the black felt-tip pen and draw the contours. The wavy part of the wings should not go beyond the line we drew with a pencil. Only at the very end does she cross it and strive to the tip.

Erase all auxiliary lines with an eraser, because we no longer need them. We draw a muzzle. It may seem very strange and even funny to you, but in the next step everything will fall into place.

Black color over the entire white space, except for the mouth and eyes. Now you can cut this picture out of paper and stick it on the window or door!

Simple example

The last example tells us how to draw a bat for children. This method of drawing is quite simple, cute and does not take much time.

First of all, we will draw a muzzle with long ears. Two black eyes, a nose and a smiling mouth with fangs.

Below we draw a small circle, it will be the body of our bat. And from the head we draw two straight lines in different directions. As you may have guessed, we need them to draw wings.

We draw wings. Since this is a children's example, symmetry is not so important, most importantly, the center of the wavy line should be the lowest point of the figure.

The final step will be to add small details. Such as bones, paws and short lines that create the effect of a flap of the wings.

We also recommend that you watch the video tutorial, which demonstrates the lively process of drawing this bat.

Here are some interesting bat facts that you might find interesting.

The forelimbs of bats are webbed and develop like wings, making them the only mammals that can fly. In the world there are about 1100 species of bats. About seventy percent of bats are insectivores, however some of them are carnivores or fruit eaters. The size of bats varies from a Kitty bat with a length of 29–33 mm and a mass of 2 grams to a giant bat fox with a golden crown, which has a wingspan of 1.5 m and weighs approximately 1.2 kilograms. Bats are also sometimes called "flying rodents" or "flying rats."

To start drawing a bat, you need to follow these 6 consecutive steps.

Step 1: Start by drawing the outline of the head of bats.

Step 2: Draw the top of the wings on each side of the body.

Step 3: Add the details to the wings of the Bats.

Step 4: Add details to the face and finish the lower body of the bats.

Step 5: Sketch the legs and feet to the body.

Step 6: Complete the bottom braid with bat wings, and you're done.

Here's what your bat should look like after each step:

Use this Shaded version of a bat as an example of how to give it a realistic look.

Here's a cool video on how to draw a cartoon bat: