Useful Tips

Virtual piano online on keyboard


Free piano online, where you can play with a computer keyboard, mouse, and even with your synthesizer or digital piano connected to a computer via USB or MIDI wire.

You can play not only the sound of the piano on the keyboard, but also the sound of the organ, piano and even the guitar. High-quality sound and chic reverb effect create a very realistic and rich sound of musical instruments. All 7 octaves (84 keys) of the virtual synthesizer are available for the game. To play the piano online you do not need to install any additional programs, everything works right in your browser. You no longer need a flash player, which it considers a potentially dangerous browser extension.

An online piano for entertainment or learning?

Piano online great for entertainment and games, and for learning the piano. If you don’t have a real instrument yet, but want to play now, then our online piano is ideal for you. You can play any piece, from simple tunes to complex classical pieces. We tried to make an online piano that sounds great and is convenient to use for all music lovers.

Recording and playback

You can record everything that this virtual piano keyboard plays and play it as you wish. To start and stop recording, enable and disable the RECORD checkbox. The play button will appear automatically. You can have many play buttons: each with its own recording. You can even play back multiple recordings at the same time, making another recording to combine them.

Save your work

Your notes and your own chords are stored as buttons that can be freely moved with the mouse. Each button can be renamed and configured to start with any key from the computer keyboard. You can program the computer keyboard so that each key reproduces the chord or melody of your choice. You can save all your buttons as a text file on your hard drive, and then download this file later.

How to play the piano online?

For the convenience of playing on online piano A special layout was developed for the computer keyboard, in which each button corresponds to a key on the virtual piano. The layout is very similar to the real keys of the piano, so it is very easy to get used to it and start playing with pleasure. The layout diagram is shown in the picture below. Each key also says which button it corresponds to, so you never get confused. The pressed key is highlighted on the virtual keyboard for as long as the button is pressed.

Piano online interface?

Upper left - a window for selecting the instrument, and the type of reverb. You can choose one of the available instruments (piano, piano, organ, guitar) to play on the virtual keyboard. Also, you can choose the type of reverb (large hall, middle room, small office, church hall, etc.) to give the sound more realism and beauty.

Top right - Online piano and reverb volume controls. The intuitive interface allows you to quickly adjust the sound exactly the way you like. Adjust the volume of the instrument and the amount of reverb to your taste and enjoy the game!

In the central part - keyboard navigator. Since all 7 octaves cannot fit on a computer screen, much less a mobile or tablet, we made a convenient and intuitive navigator. You can zoom in and out on the keys of the online piano, move left and right along them. The layout will automatically adjust to the area you select.

In the lower part the virtual keyboard itself is located piano online. The application supports multitouch, i.e. multi-finger tapping on mobile devices. This will allow you to play the piano online, like on a real instrument, even with both hands.

How to play an online piano on the keyboard?

To play music on computer keyboard online, special layouts are applied, the control buttons of which are located in the upper left corner of the application. A layout is an established connection between a keyboard button and a music key. Total Availableve layouts. By default, piano keyboard prompts disappear the first time you press. You can always turn them on by checking the "Show layout».

First circuit, enabled by default, is a classic for modern MIDI programs. Its length is two and a half octaves and to go to the next octave, you must click on the arrows "Move layout"Or on the arrow keys. The very order of the keys here resembles a real physical piano. That is, they are arranged in the usual checkerboard pattern, making it easy to adapt to an electronic instrument.

Secondis the second most popular keyboard layout for virtual pianos. Its distinctive feature is that it covers all five octaves piano and does not require switching arrows. However, unlike the first layout, here the keys are arranged in a slightly different way, not like a traditional piano. Also, to play the black keys, need to clamp SHIFT button.

Under the currently playing piano key is always displayed pink ball. It is used as an indicator of active depression and lights up until a given note or chord sounds (key combination).

Online piano interface.

On the left side of the upper panel are the layout control buttons described above. A bit to the right is the display, which displays the piano note currently being played and its serial number on the piano keyboard. It should be notedthat the names of the notes are displayed in the traditional Russian format: Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Salt, La, C, Do. In the English tradition, the letter designation of musical notes is used, respectively, C, D, E, F, G, A, B. It does not apply here. To the right of the name of the note is a sign flat or sharp.

Next, after the music display, goes sound indicator. It reflects the spectral pattern of the sound that you are currently hearing. And finally, in the very right part of the panel is volume control. By dragging it up and down, you can adjust the piano sound volume.

Possible problems playing the “Russian piano”.

Usage difficulties online piano does not occur. However, the most common problems are the lack of response of the application to pressing a keyboard button and the lack of sound.

If you click on the keyboard, and no sound is heard (despite the fact that everything sounds great with mouse clicks), then most likely the online piano is not in focus. This is such a feature of the Flash player. Just click anywhere in the application so that the browser understands what exactly you are working with right now. After this, the problem must be resolved.

If you don't hear the sound, then most likely your speakers are disabled or there is some kind of global problem on your personal computer (i.e. it is not related to the piano alone). Try turning on some music on your desktop. If the sound works well, but you don’t hear the piano notes, then you may have a problem with the Flash player. To test this, try playing the piano on another computer. Or just upgrade your Flash plugin.